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Interested in learning about favorite icons

If I always give Fiverr favors to my favorite gigs, will my account be a problem?
I hope we get answers from all the experienced brothers and sisters.

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Are you marking gigs as favorites because you want to purchase them? :thinking:

Or, perhaps have you heard from someone that exchanging favorites on gigs will bring you more sales? :thinking:

Because exchanging favorites on a gig does not get you more sales! :wink:

Marking favorites is merely a tool for buyers to mark orders they want to come back to order from at a later date. :slightly_smiling_face:


oh, I understand. thank you for your help

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You do not have any gigs and you have been here since 2015. Are you a buyer who sells favorites and now you are worried about losing your account?

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really? Then I would be more careful.