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"Interesting" Buyer I worked with


I just completed an order…

First, the buyer asks for the video file after the order is marked as complete. I tell him the files are delivered under “delivered files” at the order page. He says it doesn’t pop up a save as menu when he clicks the download button, and I explain to him that he should go to file downloads on his computer. I even send screenshots and screen-recordings I recorded just for him. Then he says the files are empty, I am playing a game with him, and I am scamming him.

He says that, I claim the order is complete, but it is not delivered.

I then explain that Fiverr let him preview the video (he never downloaded the video when requesting revisions). And that the file must be correct if Fiverr let him preview it. He still blames me for his inability to locate the download files. I also explained that he marked the order as complete…not me…

The internet is very slow where I am currently, so I went to a local coffee shop to upload his video to Google Drive and send him his video.

When I send him the link, he says I am very dissatisfied, you should have delivered the link earlier. You did not send the file to be downloaded. I then explain how Fiverr works and how this is the only instance where I had to upload to drive to deliver - so it MUST be a user error. He says, you waited all this time to provide the link…

So you’re telling me I went out of my way to help this buyer through his technical ignorance to locate a downloaded file, and he still gets angry at me?!

These buyers need to know how Fiverr works. He thought it was my responsibility to teach him how to DOWNLOAD THE FILE TO HIS COMPUTER!!! I think Fiverr should provide some kind of video in order to teach buyers how to download the files.


I am really sad cuz this is my first review that is not 5 stars…

I understand that you’re upset, but keep in mind that this is a public forum and that everyone can read it, even people who don’t have Fiverr accounts yet. Buyers read it, too, including your potential buyers. Do you want them to see you being unprofessional and calling a buyer crazy?


Same thing happen to me that buyer dont know how to download all files and ask me to remove watermark even order is in progress and after order is complete he gave me 1 star and say that seller have not sent files without watermark .

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Some buyers are crazy and should be deterred from ordering at all costs.

I get this from time to time with video buyers. They ask for revisions. (Hence they can see the delivered work). They also seem satisfied. (And often mark orders as complete). However, then they come back later and say that they “can’t see the files.”

In one of these cases, a buyer who tried to suggest that work wasn’t delivered, was at the same time already using the video which I delivered on their website.

In short, these people are not crazy. They are scammers. They are often resellers (selling work on as their own) and try to pretend that no work has been delivered to get their shopping balance refunded.

When this happens, check that you can download delivered files from the order page. If you can, they can too. Send a screenshot and the work as an attachment to a message. Then advise your buyer to contact CS if there seems to be a technical problem preventing them from downloading work. Then cease all communication.

If you engage in further communication, buyers will ask you to send files via email. They may also word messages in such a way which implies that you have already been communicating off-Fiverr with them. They do this because they know that this is prohibited and that if CS checks on orders, they may get a refund anyway.

In short, treat these people like the plague. - Especially if they use a disposable username like fytilgtde or yoyir5eu or anything else which can be quickly typed without thinking.


Yes, you are right. I adjusted the title accordingly.

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I did send him screenshots, even a screen-recording of me downloading the file that I made JUST FOR HIM!