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Interesting question about BR-answer needed

Actually, I need to ask that if I send Buyer Requests using a certain gig then afterwards before that gig is accepted if I remove that gig or edit it and change it to some other sub-category(because Fiverr doesn’t allow main category change).

Then what will happen?

Share your assumption. Please.

As I have done something like that(Although, I don’t think I will get that order and have no expectations/interest in it any more)

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  1. Yes fiverr allow changing category and sub-category, but first of all you will need to Pause your gig then you can change the category and sub-category.
  2. if you change your gig category so its mean if you are currently rang in programming category on page 1st and then you change category to designing, then your gig will be start from last because your gig is new to that category.
  3. changing the keywords also effect the gig ranking.

That was not what I was looking for but thanks @asifjalil for your time and willingness to answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

You mean if the offer is accepted?

I don’t think anything will happen if you edit a gig after you’ve sent offers. Buyers that post requests only look at the gig if something about or in the offer catches their attention. And if they do look, it’s unlikely they’ll look more than once, unless they are in the process of narrowing down offers and you make the cut.

Not clarified yet.

I mean…

                                 Sent offer referring to gig x
                                Changed the gig from X to Y
                                           Buyer accepts 
                                      [Your answer here]

Okay, thank you for clarifying further.
Your question is still “what will happen”, correct?

Nothing will happen.

You have an order tied to the gig, not the specifics of the gig. BR offers are considered ‘custom’ offers. They almost never fit nicely into the gig as it’s built.

I’ve made offers to BR through my ‘patterns’ gig that now has delivered samples that are only loosely related to the gig itself, so there’s that to consider.

What will happen if it’s accepted.

And what if not?

If you’re asking what happens to the offers you’ve made: nothing. Offers are, as mentioned, custom. Unique, individual, stand-alone, isolated.

If the offer is accepted, you do the work according to the specifications you placed in the initial offer and deliver it.

If you’re not already setting up the specs and scope in your offers, as you make them, you need to change that habit.

Thank you brother for sharing