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Interesting Statistics of Flyers & Posters


Hi All,

I have gone through Flyers & Posters Category and came up with few Statistics. Kindly have a look at this. It’s just to know pricing range, Reviews of those TRS. I am offering most of my design services in Flyers & Posters Category, so I would like to share this on Forum.

Top Rated Sellers - 52 Offering Gigs - 79

Pricing Details:

Okay, Here is the Conclusion.

Most of the New sellers posting on the forum regarding not getting sales. As per my survey, there are many Top Rated Sellers with less than 5 orders in queue.Most of the Top Rated Sellers are also offering Services starting from $5 to $20. So they are also struggling to get orders with such a huge competition.

There are many Top Rated Sellers who have 100 or 250 reviews for their gigs. It doesn’t mean that they have fewer reviews in total.

Most of the TOP RATED SELLERS in Flyers & Posters Category are having total reviews starting from 1000 to 25000. There are many sellers offering services with different Categories such as Logo design, Labels and Packaging, Illustration and more…,

So Sellers HEADS UP! Start working to achieve your Next level. Be creative and do your best work always. Please design 100% originally created designs, please do not copy from internet available templates. Almost all the Top Rated Sellers are working hard doing 100% Originally created designs.

There are many Buyers who are ready to pay at higher prices for originally created artwork and also leaving the high amount of Tips because they are getting 100% unique and originally created designs and they are very very happy with final outcome.

So if you want to see you at a higher level, kindly Follow these steps:

  1. Be creative and deliver your best design to each and every buyer,.
  2. If you are offering Higher prices, please explain to the buyers why you are charging more comparing with other designers.
    For Example, I am explaining to all my buyers when they ask me why that my services are at a very high price?
    I answer them that I am purchasing Stock images, Exclusive Copyrighted fonts or other design elements such as Brushes, Swatches etc… If we explain and educate the buyer regarding the prices 5 out of 10 buyers will buy even the price is High. Please note that whenever a buyer accepting an order at a higher price, he expects more revisions and exceptional quality design or service. so we have to provide them with such a high-quality service
  3. When you are not getting Orders try to update your skills as of current trend. Update your gig images as unique and 100% original. Learn new technologies to compete with other sellers.

All the Best Fiverr Sellers. Be creative and Be honest with all the Buyers.


I’d love for you to unpack the “reviews below” column. I don’t understand it, but I love data, so I want to.

There is a misconception that the “market price” is the lowest price at which a product can be found in a marketplace. The “market price” is actually the price at which buyers will still buy.

I have a gig that sells for $95-$295 (I will not link it so as not to self-promote) that can commonly be found from other sellers for $5-$20. Because of my high sales & revenue on this gig, this 2-month-old gig outranks some TRS gigs with thousands of reviews that, again, cost $5. In a blind search, I am on line 4 out of 10 pages of gigs.

How can I so utterly ignore the market in my pricing? First, the offering is significantly differentiated within a robust category. Lots of people buy gigs like mine, but my gig is still unique, and the output is professional in every way. Second, buyers in that category - especially ones who are used to going outside Fiverr to secure marketing materials - are looking for something they know would cost $500-$2500 offline. So they see my $95-$295 as a screaming deal in relation to that, not in relation to a $5 Fiverr alternative. In fact, a $5 price likely dissuades them.

The point: If you have earned your level-1 badge, leave $5 gigs behind. $5 gigs are for newbies. Fiverr will reward your ranking, buyers will perceive you as a premium seller, you will escape the buttom-feeding buyers, and you will discover the real market value of your work, if you will just abandon the $5 category.

Caveat: If your gig art isn’t first-rate, if your output doesn’t exceed expectations, if your communications aren’t friendly & professional, if you’re slow responding to inquiries, or if your profile picture makes you look like a serial killer, you aren’t really a leveled-up seller, no matter what your badge says. A premium seller is one that makes buyers say, “Wow, I didn’t know you could get that kind of work on Fiverr.”


As someone reminded me once, # of orders is no indication of amount of work.

I order illustrations, basic price $5, but with extras and multiple gig purchase, it’s well over $100 and a weeks worth of work for 1 order.


There is a misconception sometimes that a TRS will deliver something better than everyone else.
Let’s take logos as an example:
2 people sell logos.
For $5, Person A sells logos which are customizations of templates related to various industries and are therefore, not unique. This is perfect for many buyers because the price is low and the logo is ok for what they need it for.
Person A sells 1000 logos in a year and gets all 5 star reviews.
Person A gets promoted to TRS because they have a high volume of sales and all positive reviews as well as good communication etc.

For $250, Person B sells logos which are completely unique and based on several hours of consultation with the buyer as well as over and back until the logo is perfect.
Person B sells 50 logos in a year and although they managed to get all 5 star reviews and achieve Level 1 status, they never sold enough in a short space of time to get level 2.

Person A sold $5,000 worth of logos
Person B sold $12,500 worth of logos.

Person A is a TRS
Person B is Level 1

Which one is the better logo designer?
That is why when buying certain things, although there are many advantages to buying from TRS sellers, the quality of the end product is not one of them.


The thing you left out is that both Person A and Person B had overwhelmingly happy clients. So there was no difference in your example in customer satisfaction, so Person A was a smarter better seller, making more customers happy.


Indeed, but in terms of the product delivered, there was a difference in the quality.
Person A’s product is an inferior product but it is suitable and perfect for their target market.
Person B’s clients would never accept Person A’s product as it is not suitable for their purpose.

The issue is which is the better logo designer, not which is the better seller.
Also, I am not saying that Person A does not deserve to be a TRS, by all metrics they do deserve it. They are just not delivering high quality products, which is ok because of the price they charge, but any buyer who wants a high quality original logo for their business should not buy from Person A and Person B, despite being a Level 1, is more likely to deliver what they want.


How would someone who wants that kind of high quality logo be able to tell the difference in the two sellers when they are searching for that?

I’m like seller B in your example. But I still manage to do a fair volume at a reasonable price.
I do it by taking a loss on a lot of orders in the sense that I am not charging some buyers what my gigs are actually worth. So I’m a TRS.

I would like to have minimums of $50 on all my gigs and somehow be set apart so buyers know that they are getting a premium service.

It would be possible for that premium unique logo seller to achieve the volume to be a TRS if they keep their prices in line with the lessor sellers.


I think the seller needs to actually set a different price point so the buyer can see where the seller is positioning themselves. If you keep your prices lower than they should, it is likely that you are being skipped over by those looking for a higher quality gig.

It is a different type of buyer though. It’s all about delivering a higher value service and communicating this in everything you do. In an online marketplace, showing the end product is difficult so the seller needs to use everything they have with Description, Video, Images, etc.

My basic price for my two main gigs is $25. This separates me from the lower competition. For this price, my clients expect something better and from reading my descriptions, they can read that I do things differently. Those who are looking for the cheap options won’t even look at mine. Those who are serious about what they are doing, know that they need to pay for a better quality product so they click my gig to check it out. My descriptions sell my concept and service value.
Landon said it really well here

I will warn that it really depends on whether the higher quality buyers are actually on the platform. I made my changes to gigs and services after Pro was introduced as Fiverr was marketing towards SMEs which are my target market. I honestly have no idea whether it would work in your industry.

Regarding the idea of being set apart, I saw your site suggestion for a separate grouping for certain services and I suggested something similar about 6 months ago. I think it would be a good idea to wait til February to check out how the big shake up happens and what it does to people. I think there may be more clarity then.