Interesting stuffs about this new forum


This is a list of few things I discovered about this new forum.

Sure facts -

  1. The forum platform is Discourse.
  2. You can see the profile pictures of the topic participants in below/beside a thread. If it has more than the default set pictures then - the 1st one will be the OP’s, then random 3/the first 3 posters and at last the last poster’s.
  3. The default badges are still the same.(Just one extra badge added for the fiverr staffs).
  4. Forum editor supports both BB and HTML codes.
  5. If you click on the last post text present in the box below the OP, it will zap you to the last post.
  6. You can do anything while replying in the editor box, view a difft. topic, search etc but when you click reply, it will get posted in the correct place.
  7. You can keep the mouse away with this forum. (Heads up to the cool keyboard shortcuts.)
  8. This new forum has an anonymous posting mode, but it is currently disabled.
  9. It uses “Akismet” spam blocking. (Very nice choice!)
  10. The forum can track how many and which-which posts you read.
  11. If the OP of a topic is online, the profile picture of him/her in the box present below the topic name will have a blue border around it.
  12. Replacing “[post_title][post_ID]” to “[post_ID]” represents with you a minimial layout of the forum.
  13. Want to shorten a topic URL? Simply convert the forum post URL from “[post_title]/[post_ID]” to “[post_ID]”.
  14. Want an animated dropdown spoiler? Use this markdown code - [details=CLICK HERE!]Thanks for clicking![/details]
  15. This new forum tracks user behaviour as well and can generate notices for staff/mods. Based on that, staff/mods can choose to disregard or observe certain activities, users, topics etc.
  16. Fiverr is not currently self-hosting this forum but instead paying Discourse for the hosting.
  17. This forum runs with PostgreSQL instead of with MySQL.
  18. This is Discourse 1.7.0 beta 10.

Tips -
Discourse Meta forum has more extensive information about this new forum. :wink:

I will post much more things about the limits and settings of this new forum(as it is being said that it is currently in default) by setting up one installation in my local server if I see interest in this topic…

If you can add more interesting stuffs regarding this new forum, you are more than welcome! :slight_smile:

Disclaimer - I don`t gurantee that these informations I gave above is 100% correct.

Will you please suggest me about Discourse

Great stuff. You’re from IIT right? You must be the most qualified/educated person on Fiverr, along with @shilpityagi_eco.


Me and from IIT? No way! :joy:
BTW hadn`t seen @shilpityagi_eco since a long time…


I just remembered reading your profile a long time back, when you had mentioned doing your MTech or something. I forget now, I could be wrong, or it could be some other Indian seller.


Yeah, she got her thesis proofread by me and then disappeared…LOL


But I really admire the person who has designed the new forum. Must be a very smart person.


Here you go-

Original devlopers of this forum:
Jeff Atwood, Robin Ward, and Sam Saffron


More -

  1. It is a full open-source platform.
  2. Java and ruby are the coding languages used. (That may be a reason why it’s so damn fast).
  3. As I told in the OP it doesn’t uses MySQL, for more clarification : it uses PostgreSQL.


Nice Sherlocking! Interesting facts!


‘Some relation’ would be an understatement. ****** is a full time programmer who works at Discourse. I know him from somewhere else. (He is on payroll but they allowed him to stay in India). Best of both worlds.

All the other information is accurate. It does use PostgreSQL, but let’s not hate on MySQL. It has some features like hybrid database management which are different than MySQL, but all of those features can only be brought to use for applications which have million(s) of daily users. But, yes, PostgreSQL allows for a more intrusive tracking of user behavior than one could do with MySQL, but even that tracking is only useful if that tracking is followed up with customized content targeting (like adverts), which we don’t have on Fiverr forum. All other things being equal, the same Discourse forum on a MySQL database would have been equally fast.

The drawback of PostgreSQL is that the user experience of users will vary based on THEIR computer’s specifications. This applies to all NoSQL databases. All the heavy lifting burden is put on the client side so those with better computers will get their content faster, those on slower computers or low end smart phones will get it slower. This doesn’t happen in MySQL since all queries are processed on the serverside before content is sent out. UX is consistent for MySQL.


Thanks for this update @silkroute
Btw Fiverr has pretty nifty servers though! So, using PostgreSQL wouldn`t affect much…


What I found very interesting, and haven´t seen in this way ever before on a forum I used, is that there´s no real difference between actual forum posts and personal messages.
I was checking 3 times before I sent a PM to someone the first time, because it looked right as if I would be posting publicly on the forum. And you get those same functions in a PM conversation, like the heart for liking a pm you get, or even editing your message, which seems a bit weird to me in PMs. But I really like the great functionality of the new forum! And it´s fast! lol

Thanks for that list, I can see 6. being very useful.


Just the difference is that these likes will not get counted in the public profile… :slight_smile:


That’s not what it felt like when we were using the old forum. :relieved:

The current forum is clearly an upgrade. It’s Discourse 1.7.0.beta10 :wink:

Thanks for starting this thread. Here’s a few more magic tricks from my side :

You can simply view the raw text of a post, and get rid of all the fancy bells and whistles, if you are into minimalism. Just change the URL structure of any forum page from[post_title][post_ID] to[post_ID]

Here’s an example :

Raw :


Wow. Definitely including this in the OP. :blush:


You sure? As I´m pretty sure on my first new forum day both forum posts and PMs were counting against my limit lol I couldn´t reply to 2 of the PMs I´d gotten because of my limit. :wink:


Just on likes. (Passing the 20 characters)


Sure. I am going to add some more.

Here’s another,

You can shorten forum URLs without using a third party URL shortener like Bitly. Simply covert the forum post URL from[post_title]/[post_ID] to[post_ID]

So, this : The Holiday Season - Like It or Hate It?

Is the same as this : The Holiday Season - Like It or Hate It?


Here’s one more trick.

You can hide text under a neat animated dropdown using [details=CLICK HERE!]Thanks for clicking![/details]


Thanks for clicking

You can even add URLs there.



We can use the spoiler tag for it though… :slight_smile:
But nice find again!