Intermittent Offline/Online Status Since Site Updates


Hi! For this week, I’ve been wondering why I didn’t have any orders from new clients. I trust in Fiverr marketing and I also did social media advertising but it was still the same. And I just discovered that my account has been experiencing intermittent offline/online status throughout the day. There had been a few times when I am online but my account shows offline. I refreshed the page few times, then it’s green again. But after a while, it’s gray again. So this explains why I have no orders from new clients this week. It’s weird. I feel like there have been a lot of mishaps after the site updates. I have reported this bug just now and waiting for response. HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED THIS TOO? HOW WAS THE RESOLUTION?


This is incorrect. You are always “online” as long as you are signed into Fiverr – regardles of what the green dot says. Buyers do not need to see that you are online with a little green dot to hire from you. Unless Fiverr deletes your gigs (if you break the site rules), your gigs are ALWAYS available 24/7. Anyone can place an order from you any time they want, regardless of whether you are signed into Fiverr, or have a green dot by your name or not.

Let’s not make up reasons for not having orders. The green dot has absolutely nothing to do with why you aren’t gaining the level of orders that you want.


Hi @jonbaas. I’ve already reported this matter and waiting for response now. I’ve checked posts regarding this and it’s really happening. They say it’s a bug.


Yes, the green light not always being green is a bug, and yes, Fiverr is working on it. I guarantee, though, that green or gray, that dot has nothing to do with you having no sales.


jonbaas you are guaranteeing some thing with every reply do you work for fiverr ?? otherwise confidence is to high!


I had a same problem and i am very new so every little thing bugs me. Than i notice if i click on profile i remain online. fiverr was actually showing me off line. As i checked with my mobile.
You having a good sale and the other person too. I am just trying to learn how to get first one.


No, I do not work for Fiverr. I am a buyer/seller just like everyone else on this forum. But I also understand how Fiverr works for sellers, and I know for a fact that most of the excuses certain sellers use to support their claims here on the forums of not having sales are 100% false.

In this case, the green online button does not guarantee or hinder sales. It is merely an indicator of online status that is broken and not operating correctly. That green/gray dot has no direct connection to a seller’s ability to be successful here on Fiverr.

And yes, I am highly confident of this. :wink:


jonbaas you can not read people mind(buyer). You are assuming so many thing, you are assuming that her sale are down, than you are assuming she is making excuses for her low sale, than you are assuming you can read mind(buyer) and to top it all up you are thinking you right.

For me you kinda rude to her for no reason.
I hope you dont take it personally you doing good on this platform but it does not give you magical power.
You were rude. plain and simple, i recently gave two order on fiverr and both time i checked whether person is online or not because i want to speak with the person before placing the order. But i am not assuming that every one is doing what i am doing. Hope you get the point.


But only if one has the green dot would their profile or gig show up when a buyer searches in the “online” category right? @jonbaas cuz some buyers might be searching for sellers who are “online” right then.


Not at all. I speak from experience. You are a new seller. I’ve been here for over four years. It would be unwise for you to assume that I do not know how Fiverr works.

Wouldn’t this be a case of you assuming? Maybe I can read minds. Maybe I do have magical powers. Let’s not assume things you do not understand. :wink:


Actually if the button is green, meaning you’re online, your gig is searchable or is showing in search results but if it is gray, then it’s not; so clients cannot make an order because when they click on my gig’s link, nothing shows. So this bothers me so much. Kinda annoying and weird. At this time of the day, 8am to 9pm, Philippine time, it rarely happens but when the night comes (which is morning time in many clients like America, Canada) it is happening severely. So I am wondering why this is happening. Does Fiverr want me to do more or not.


Thank you so much for the empathy @arcodecode :slight_smile:


@jonbaas thank you too for your comments. I hope though that we use our words wisely so we can encourage each other here on Fiverr and not discourage or destroy


evanego did you try what i told you to try, in my case when i click on on profile i remained online(may be i am wrong) But i think it did work for me (The main word is i think, i am not sure).
and it was not empathy, it was more of like i did not like what jon wrote. You are asking for some help, i or any one can be in that position.
wish you luck.


I cannot speak for what Fiverr may or may not want you to do in this case.


Please do not twist my intentions. I am not intentionally trying to “discourage or destroy” anyone. So, yes, as you yourself stated, please use your words wisely.


This is not entirely true. What you say is absolutely true ONLY WHEN the buyer is specifically/selectively searching for sellers with the “online” category checked. However, in the general search results, your gigs are visible no matter whether the status (indicated by the dot) is green or grey (or any other color).

The only exceptions to this (that I can think of), would be for example -

  1. when you edit your gig (it temporarily gets removed from the gig listing as soon as you edit it and so, it doesn’t show up in the gig listing for about 24 hours, if I am not wrong).
  2. when you turn on ‘out of office’ mode.

But otherwise, like @jonbaas said, it doesn’t matter at all. The buyers WILL always be able to see your gig in the general listing.

If you have tried searching for your own gig and yet, were unsuccessful in finding it (that made you come to this conclusion), please understand that it might be very difficult to find your gig among the possibly several dozens of pages of gig listing with each page having about 30 gigs listed. In that case, what I do is - I type in the exact title of my gig in the search bar and this creates a listing of gigs whose titles closely resembles that of yours (and this is a much much smaller list of gigs, you should have NO trouble finding your gig here. And, if you can find it here, you can be rest assured that it shows up in the general listing as well. Also, if your gig stats (clicks, impressions, all that good stuff) are on an upward trend, that is good proof that people are able to see your gigs in the general listing too!

Sometimes, it could also be the case that it is bugged (please note: not due to the status) and your gig might not show up in the listing. It has happened to me too… And, when that happened, I contacted CS and they sorted it out for me in no time. The response you got from CS on the other hand, was about the online status bug and not about the implications it might have (it doesn’t) on the listing of your gig on Fiverr.

sorry for the verbiage…


I understand. The problem is I am online but my button says offline. And suddenly, under settings, under “ONLINE STATUS When online, your Gigs are visible under the Online search filter,” even if I did not change the setting, it automatically changes to GO OFFLINE. even if i didn’t do anything. so I was wondering, is there someone who have access to my account that changes it or is it a bug.


yes, that I think is a bug. I hope Fiverr rectifies it soon :slight_smile:


Yeah, I am hoping too. Do you where bugs come from?