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International case from the travel and travel insurance industry


KILROY & Gouda Rejseforsikring is looking for a creative mind that would like to take part in the production of a short movie, approximately 2 minutes, targeted at countries in Northern Europe. We assume that the movie can be part of a project or case study at your institution.

The group will receive a travel voucher worth 10.000 DKK with KILROY.

General information:

Young travelers tend to disregard smaller injuries on their travels, which often leads to hospitalization and cancellation of their dream trip. By making use of their travel insurance as early as possible, it is possible to minimize smaller injuries evolving into emergency medical evacuation. To mention a few examples, a mosquito bite in Indonesia can result in serious inflammation and diarrhea in Thailand can result in serious dehydration and hospitalization if ignored.

Who are you?

We are looking for a small group of students, full of ideas and a good energy. We wish to bring you onboard to discuss ideas, the process and distribution at the same level as the employees in KILROY and Gouda Travel Insurance.

What can we offer?

You will gain insight into the travel- and travel insurance industry, and we give you the possibility to have a great impact on an exciting project that makes a difference for young travelers. We will cover your expenses related to the project, and you will receive a travel voucher worth 10.000 DKK with KILROY.


We plan to start the project slowly in June 2015 and take off in August 2015. The plan is to launch in October 2015 in Denmark and in the following countries in January 2016. We will be flexible with regard to your exams and vacation.

Do you want to join?

Send us a few details about yourselves, your ideas and thoughts. We look forward to getting to know you better.

Please forward your application ASAP to

Read more about Gouda and KILROY: and

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Many of the travel company is not provide the services like they appeal for their company’s policies.

Their licence have to be canceled if anyone do this type of his jobs.