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International Ebook Theft charges on me?

i had a text few days ago from a man who wanted to publish his book
he sent me manuscript and his amazon email id to upload i did not start to work since he did not place order.
later he sent his gmail details to contact me i told him not to contact outside fiver later i blocked him on fiverr since he shared his gmail details clearly mentioning contact me

Now after 2 days he sent me a mail like this

he is telling i ran away with his ebook stolen how can i steal it he sent it for me to format i did not steal anything and i have blocked and reported him for sharing his gmail details to contact on fiverr

but iam scared now by seeing his mail .
he got my email since its available on diff platform

plz guide me am i under risk on international crime charges?

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“Today, I will be taking out an International Warrant for your Arrest.” :rofl:

You can’t just ‘take out’ a warrant. They don’t work like that. He would have to report a crime, and his local Police would have to agree that a SERIOUS crime has been committed, which is clearly not the case here.

It sounds like you’ve done nothing wrong. Block this guy’s emails - you can do that in Gmail, block all emails from a specific sender, or even a domain. Keep all communication in a folder somewhere, just in case. Then just ignore him and move on with your life. This guy is full of hot air.


Thank you bro i was worried a bit iam not a new seller i have completed 14 orders on this gig with all 5 stars and got worried that my fiverr ac will be banned even without any mistake of mine

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Thank you once again for clarification

Don’t worry. I had a buyer who found my phone number and social network profiles (since my username is basically the same), I had calls from him pretending that he would sue me (obviously for a pathetic reason a little bit different from yours). Just block them everywhere and report them to Fiverr. They can’t basically do anything. He send it to you without placing an order… Fiverr should implement a Tutorial function for buyer with mandatory reading of the terms while they sign-up. I guess this person just doesn’t know how the platform works. If he continue to write you, you can explain him that so you will have him gone with peace without stressing you on all your social networks or email. Or simply block him everywhere.

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Okay if he message me again i will explain him clearly.
Thank you for clarification :slight_smile:

This looks like a very poor and obvious scam. Scams work like this:

  1. He is FIRST trying to frighten you.

  2. SECONDLY, he will probably offer you a resolution so that you do not ‘get arrested’.

  3. The resolution will probably be something like pay me $200 to clear this matter up.

I must stress that the wording ‘International Warrant for your Arrest’ is completely laughable. The writer has no idea what they are talking about. Such language is reserved for suspected killers, terrorists and multi-million dollar fraudsters.

You might also like to know that the author of this hilarious scam has broken Fiverr’s terms of service by sharing their Gmail account with you! That is the biggest crime committed.


yeah, i agree
since he texted customer support of fiver i dont know how fiverr support will react on this issue since he will explain support from his perspective so i hope fiverr will read all text instead of directly agreeing wtever he says them

finally he understood .