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Interview Hub Program

Today i got a notification from fiverr which says about “Interview Hub Program”
Here is the link

What fiverr try to say, i don’t understand.

Anyone Got This Notications?

They are saying you can sign up to have Fiverr contact you about your experience on Fiverr. If you are chosen for an interview via the phone, then you will receive $20 in Fiverr Credit. They will first ask for your email and then contact you there for a convenient time to call you for the interview.


Thanks for you reply. But why they are going to take this interview? Is there anything done by my profile Or after take interview, is there any difficulty for my profile?

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It’s explained in the link you posted.


No, there is not any difficulty for your profile and nothing is done to it.

They are conducting kind of survey and want to know your views and user experience,new features implemented earlier. They will use participants feedbacks to improve platform and its features in the future.

I guess it’s not mandatory, If you wish you can skip.

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