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Intolerance Among Forum Members

Viewer discretion is advised as this post relates to intolerance itself

I am an active member of this forum for quite sometime and have communicated with dozens of forum members including buyers and sellers. Here I have met with some amazing writers and professionals having a very good level of experience, amazing speaking tone and wonderful tolerance and acceptance for other members. But at the same time I have seen many members who though call themselves experienced enough (years long being active) but show very little respect to other members especially newbies.

The incident which I am about to mention now is what I have experienced personally here. Yesterday when I posted something regarding Fiverr site suggestions and expressed my views regarding the importance of reviews and stars, some members came in and despite of expressing their views and going away started pointing personally at me and a few other members who probably supported my idea by saying “We have years of experience on this forum and know alot unlike you who don’t know anything about it” I mean seriously ?? If someone has years of experience on this than he should have a bit of tolerance and know how to criticize opinions and not persons and if you don’t agree with some point you can either choose to skip the post or write your views regarding it and walk away

At some other point another respected member came in saying something like " If there would have been freedom of speech, I would have used some very colorful language" Is that what you do just because of the reason that someone has a different opinion than yours?
Yet another member came in saying something “It doesn’t matter what is being said , but who is saying” I don’t think its a good idea to discard a point of view just because it is being said by someone who is not very popular . The type of experience in which you have gone through something matters a lot matters too and not only the type of experience where have you just spent years somewhere (but still being intolerant and ignorant)

I read a post the other day in which a new seller who hardly had a few days on Fiverr was worried why the gigs impressions etc weren’t showing to him. Then here came in a gentleman who was kinda experienced, despite telling the newbie that this is a part of Fiverr improvement said in a sarcastic way "Don’t worry delete your gig and the gig impressions will show"*. When another person asked him why was he saying that way, he just gave a laugh and went away

Last but not the least I would like to say that no matter if someone differs your opinion and whether he is well experienced (according to the conventional criterion) or not , you must be respectable to him and if you don’t agree to something , rather than pointing at someone personally you should just express your opinion and point the flaws in the views . In no case we should personally attack someone

If you have gone through a similar experience you can share it down below

Thanks for reading. Have a good day


Yes, I had a similar experience when you called me unprofessional yesterday in the very same thread!!! :sob: :sob:

No, I really don’t think people were being mean to you. They were trying to explain that sometimes experience matters.

Besides, when you share an idea, especially a controversial one, you have to be ready to accept that many people may not agree. I love that we all have different opinions and that we can share them here, but we also have to accept the consequences of what we say.


Really Sad to hear that . Maybe you misunderstood the entire concept . I reckon you should recheck

By saying “You know nothing” . Is that how we are supposed to explain something?

If personal attacks are the consequences of having a different opinion, no one will choose to accept it

Absolutely thats what I am saying the entire time. But that doesn’t mean one should start personally pointing at someone

Well, I think you should recheck. I don’t think there is any way to misunderstand what you said. :rofl:

Seriously, I don’t care what you call me. If it were up to me, you could call me whatever mean thing you’d like as I am a big defender of free speech.

I commented on the thread, so I have to accept that my comment makes you think that I am unprofessional. That is your prerogative, and I am completely fine with that.

I am merely trying to show you that how comments are interpreted depends on the eyes that see. For example, I interpreted that you called me unprofessional. You are saying that you didn’t (even though I don’t see how you can deny that one). Now, you are interpreting that people were being mean to you. I am interpreting that they were just trying to explain their point of view and that, I think, they did it in a way that wasn’t hurtful.


Trust me I didn’t intended that and I didn’t meant to point out at you personally. I was just saying that judging someone’s ability to design a logo (for instance) by the way of what he writes in the forum is not a too good idea

Anyways if still you found it offensive, there is no shame for me to apologize to you. I am sorry


Yes, some forum users have a tendency to show ZERO but absolute ZERO tolerance towards people who come here as crying babies so the “experienced” Fiverr users would serve them all on a silver plate.

They did not read TOS, they did not use google search, they did not follow the forum rules, they did not read forum rules, they did not search older forum posts and topics, they did nothing except breathing and crying to get orders out of thin air.


In an ideal world, such users should be banned and their account deleted under five seconds.


Thank you, but you don’t need to apologize. I am really not offended at all. I am just using it as an example. :slight_smile:

I am also sorry if you felt offended, but I don’t really think people meant to go for you personally either.


Well thats something debateable whether newbies want it to get served in silver plate and whether the experienced ones actually show a bit of respect to them or not

All of us started once as newbies and if you ban accounts over this criteria , I fear there would be only hand full of members left in few days


Saying “if there was freedom of speech I would have used some very colorful language” and “you know nothing” is personal

No not at all, look for latest topics in “Improve my GIG” or User introduction.

Instead of providing proper data or something substantial the core of their post is:

How to get orders? - just this one sentence


I can not get orders?


Why I do not have buyers?


How to get buyers…

kme kme kme kme…

Search? Little research? Little reading maybe before posting the same topic over and over and over.


Proper users who read TOS, spend two-three days reading all posts and topics on the forum, did blog research, and checked Fiverr reviews and opinions available on the internet, and then applied for Fiverr account.

Perfect. Let’s just have them here.

Oh, and by the way, can you tell me how many GIGs can new users open?

And, and, why I am not getting orders for 5 months?

And how can I see buyers’ requests?

And “I am so happy… I just got my first order…”


Fiverr takes my money kme kme kme my GIG is 5$ but I only got 4 this is so unfair, I did all the work, I have stolen artwork from internet, cropped them and put them in my portfolio, I call my self-graphic designer and I can not draw straight line in vector even if my life depends on it, and I provided the buyer with a perfectly fine blurred cropped image from logo maker, and now Fiverr is taken my hard-earned money, kme kme me…



Well You have made a very valid point and I do agree with you. This behavior is actually what makes them the newbies. I think it should be our responsibility (if we agree to take it) to tell them that they should research the posts and TOS before posting themselves first.IIf we don’t want to, we should simply ignore them. But suspension of their accounts just because they don’t read the posts and guidelines before posting would be way too unfair i guess


This matter belongs to education and professional …
These arrogant people think that they are successful … If successful, help others to grow society!


No, it makes them “CORRECTION OF derogatory TERM:” a person without the knowledge to use a computer or internet on a very basic level.

When they sign up they click on “accept” as in YES we have read TOS - that makes them LIARS!!

So, once they face issues those lying underdeveloped lifeforms come here and want what? Nanny?


Yes sir @hassannawaz0303, I agree with you sir, you need to be more tolerant sir.


I agree that they should do their research before making threads, but that is … very harsh.

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I work in education.

So when 10-year old comes to me and says he doesn’t know multiplication table, I sit and teach him as long as it takes.

When 30-year old comes to me, shows me his CV with Windows, Excel and experience says he “doesn’t know multiplication table, can I help,” khm… guess what I do?

People buy phones and computer and connect on internet. You take on responsibility to educate yourself prior using machinery. If the information they require is hidden or hard to find, OK, post new topic, but if the information is easily accessible (GIG N/A as example), then them posting “Where is my GIG analytics”, makes their IQ negative.


I went “oh wow, rude” and googled it. And it’s a general statement of “I’d be naughty if I could” variety, not directed at anyone or any particular situation. We all are naughty on the internet sometimes, just obviously not here because we’re all professionals and stuff. Moreover, you can absolutely use colorful language in a positive sense.

You’re very quick to state that your words were misunderstood or misinterpreted. Maybe consider this could be the case on your part here.

PS Sorry that you felt personally attacked and your proposal didn’t receive support.


I agree with what you are saying, but when you signed up to this forum, you also agreed to follow the forum rules and guidelines, which include “Controversy or entertainment is OK, but not hate speech or calling users/staff/CS a derogatory name.”

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You are right. I’ve seen some people being rude here to newbies. I get it, it’s super annoying. Even yesterday I’ve seen a post here about the N/A impressions. Someone asking what was that but like… he has multiple topics here that he can read. Why not to? Anyway, I think there is no excuse for being rude.
And remember guys, you were once a newbie and someone helped you so be nice to people.


I agree that many people here are too harsh to newbies and IMO should simply ignore those annoying repetitive posts… But if they have been here a long time and are noticing a decrease in the quality of forum posts, I can understand their frustration.

But what are you going to do? There’s no point in complaining, you should adapt to the community.

Also, in all fairness, people only started to be annoyed at you in the other post because you kept insisting on the same thing, ignoring their very valid points.