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Intro Video Denied Everytime


I tried my best to fix an awesome video in my gig but fail. I follow the all rules but Everytime rejected. Kindly help me. Kindly have a look at my gig also:


What was the reason for rejection please? Maybe we can help if we know a bit more. :slightly_smiling_face:



see this one


You’ve got your answer then - it’s the audio narration which seems to be the problem. :wink:


This is just an additional tip for you since you may get denied again based on what I see in your gigs. Right now you have typos and spelling errors in your gig images and sample work. Since you are trying to offer writing services, Fiverr may have a problem with gig videos or other materials that lack quality. You might want to consider offering services in your native language, trying other types of services that you are skilled in, or waiting until you have improved to offer English writing. Of course, this is just a suggestion that you can ignore, so don’t take it as anything but a tip.