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Introduce Cryptocurrencies into payment system


Considering recent developments with chargebacks and the rest… I think Cryptocurrencies should be introduced as means of payment on Fiverr while PayPal should be utterly scrapped!
With Cryptocurrencies we won’t have the issues of chargebacks and the likes… What are your thoughts on this?


Not a bad idea, but paypal is still the best method to send and receive payments all around the world.

I love the crypto ideas (I’m mining some coins too), but I dont believe fiverr would accept this for now, since cryptos are too volatile and it’s future is not safe.

The most famous coin dropped from $6500 to $5500 in a single day, it could be an huge drop on fiverr wallet.

I believe cryptocurrencies are the future, but for now, the best in my opinion is still PayPal.


It won’t happen as Fiverr used to accept Bitcoin but stopped.


Yea the volatile nature of btc has its positive and negative sides…
When the value of btc goes up(which always happens) imagine the profit that comes to fiverr… Same as when the value drops (the loss)



with a solid market as fiverr is now, I dont believe they would risk this.