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Introduce yourself and tell me about your niche!

Hey there Fiverr Community!

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My name is James, your one and only NYC-based professional dancer here on Fiverr. I’m starting this thread to help each other as sellers and business owners to further understand what type of amazing people we have on this platform, while also giving possibilities for insight or collaboration. I wanna know about YOU and what makes your business here on Fiverr the one and only.

To start things off, my name is James once again! I started leveraging services on Fiverr not too long ago but I have already generated almost $1000 in sales in a little under my first month solely through offering professional urban dance videos.

My niche exists in the dance and music community, primarily for those looking for a fresh freestyle to help promote their own label. What’s been separating me from other dance sellers is the fact that I’ve worked with real artists and choreographers on substantial projects (such as BTS, Broadway, P Nation, and more), while many other “professional dancers” on the platform are simply dancers who dance as a hobby.

While most of their videos are fun to watch, readjusting my positioning on the platform as the premiere and professional dancer and choreographer have helped me generate substantial sales in a relatively short amount of time.

What are you providing as a self-made individual and how are you sticking out ahead of the rest?

Tell us about your Fiverr journey!


Such a great example of a skilled niche focus!


Thank you! I’ve been trying to focus down on this niche more and more to see what people are looking to buy.