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Introduce yourself (right on)


From the day I could hold a crayon I´ve been drawing and here I am to keep doing it till the day I die.

My name is Ignacio and I´m from Mar del Plata, Argentina. Ive been a freelancer for quite some time but for some reason I haven´t used Fiverr yet… So here´s to new begginings! Cheers to all!


Call me Nayeem. From a South Asian country.
I almost finished with my bachelor degree in computer engineering. If you ask me about freelancing, I just started and I know, there’s long journey in front of me :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome aboard.


Thanks for the welcome Nayeem!

It´s a journey that never ends… or it ends when you get really tired and
take a 9 to 5 job… been there done that came back :wink:


Welcome to Fiverr. Read the forum for ideas, check out the Fiverr Academy and make your gig. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


that’s why I don’t wish to take a job! :stuck_out_tongue:


in time your journey will be shortened.


Wish you best of luck.


Thanks a lot Lloyd,

I´ve been doing that but hit a roadblock when a bug prevented me from
verifying my phone…and yes I already contacted support :wink:

Regards and good luck


All in all it´s all part of the journey

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Indeed, each day we are a little closer to the end of our journey


Thanks! :wink:
Best of luck to you too


I have been on fiverr since 2015 but this is the first time i am coming here well…
Hi guys… my name is Luki i am from Indonesia I have been in graphic design since 2007 i worked hard for Art and Art made me who i am now Art is my life THANKS Art …
cheers to everybody


To new beginnings!!

This is my first time on here(Forum). Just acquired level 1 status yesterday. So excited.
Aries is my name.
Wishing you the very best :slight_smile:


Hello Fiverr!
It seems such a large community, I’m glad to join everybody.
Positives are user friendly interface, and very nice and clear usage guidelines, and that’s very global. I see members from everywhere.
A small downside is that I see buyer requests are flooded with offers from sellers, kinda didn’t expect that.
I’m slowly adding gigs, and hoping to break the ice, I suppose getting the 1st one is the hardest, hype and all…

I wish good luck and many sales to everybody! :blush:


Hello and welcome, @ignaciodimeglio ! :slight_smile:

You might want to go through your posts and edit out your google email signature before a moderator spots it and does it for you, I think it can happen when people reply from email, I´ve seen a mod point it out before.
It´s post #8 or so.

Cheers and good luck with fiverr. :four_leaf_clover:


@ariesaquamarine1 Love your smile.
Congratsss for attaining level one. :blue_heart: ,


As we´re at profile pics already, I like your new one, @anjylina, almost didn´t recognize this was you until I noticed the name though, Aman lol It´s more of a statement pic now, very stylish.

And hello and welcome, @ariesaquamarine1 too. I like the name too (though fiverr really should sort out this forum bug that puts a ‘1’ on some people’s names…)!


Thank you Miiila It´s already been moded XD… and yes i did answer that one from my email account


I´m very glad this intro post became what it is :wink:

Thank you all


Thank you @miiila. You saved me a nasty headache from wondering where the 1 cam from. I owe you :slight_smile:

@anjylina thank you. TRS here I come. I can’t wait for the 7 day funds processing :wink: