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Introducing AND CO from Fiverr


The explanation of how this works and how it will be integrated into the fiverr system will make for an interesting fiverr sponsored video. It’s nice that we’ve been provided with a system to make things less hectic but it’s quite confusing as there’s no mention of a direct connection between fiverr and their newest addition to the fiverr family.


Can we connect payoneer or just paypal with And Co?
edit : to answer myself, I just register and its accept only paypal and stripe, no payoneer, too bad.:smirk:


Is there gonna be an integration between fiverr and AND CO FROM FIVERR?

I Received This Link In Notification

Good news, But I can’t log-in or register. It said that “this email is already in use”. I don’t know what to do.


I didn’t get any notification yet! Read this post but don’t understand anything! :frowning:


Will we have to sign up as a new way or just log in it with our existing fiverr account???


Cannot sign-up to the site, it says my email is already in use :confused:


There will be no changes to either platform right away. There is always room for integration in the future!


Thanks! Will pass that along to those who created it!


how can i sign up and add my fiverr account to and co


Even fiverr is not free in other ways…like 20% cut…


If you don’t mind would you please explain it?
I really don’t know what is it ?


@sha_innovator, check out the links below. There’s a lot of information to review there and we’re all just learning about it.

Here’s the website, https://www.and.co1 and here’s Fiverr’s blog post,


Ok thank you so much for the information


Would I be able to use this as a way of invoicing clients off of Fiverr? Like through my own site?


OK, suppose I received a payment to my AND CO account.
How can I cash it, if PayPal is not available in my country?


I wanted to ask the same question.


wow That Great for us!!


Does this mean we no longer have to use Payoneer? (:


Paypal is a payment processor. Co is not a payment processor. It helps you to manage your projects, track your invoices etc.