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Introducing Fiverr 3.0

We’re excited to share the launch of Fiverr® 3.0. We’re thankful to all of you who have shared our dream and helped us grow to become the number one global marketplace for creative and professional services.

Since our founding, Fiverr aims to make buying a service as easy as buying a product on Amazon. Our goal is to provide an “e-commerce experience” that empowers our creative community to package their skills as products, enabling the buying and selling of services in just a few clicks, while eliminating unnecessary sales friction. We call this concept SaaP (Services-as-a-Product).

In every version, we’ve come closer to this goal. But we believe Fiverr 3.0 is going to revolutionize this process.

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awesome layout & great navigation …

** please fix high rating category list ( online marketing ) issue. it’s not good for new buyers.

Nice looking update. I really like it. I’m just a little concerned in terms of sales because of a big bug theres is right now.

The biggest bug is the one related to the search engine. For example, you go and type “Backlinks”. The results in the Recommended tab and in the High Rating tab are pretty much the same. Only the first 3 or 4 rows will have highly rated gigs, the rest are the same as in the recommended tab (random).

So basically there’s no High Rating tab right now, it’s all the same. Only the first 3 or 4 rows are fine.

And that’s why many sellers are experiencing a drop in sales (myself included).

Until that bug is fixed, most sellers won’t know if Fiverr 3.0 is better or worse than Fiverr 2.0 (saleswise).

By the way, I don’t know if this is happening in all the categories of the site, I just checked in Online Marketing.

Are you guys aware and working to fix that bug? Please let us know. :slight_smile:

Digging it so far. Time will tell if my sales go up or down. And I must say, the new fonts and layouts are very classy. Liking them as well. (Just injecting some positive vibes)

Reply to @mjgenius: how do you do colored message!? :smiley:

I like it, but the homepage could really use some work. Boxes are off center, there’s so much blank space, etc. Not pleasant to look at.

sales have completely disappeared since the update??

Please fix the front page. Users are clicking the featured categories and only getting a few listed gigs and are unaware that there are thousands of people offering these services! there needs to be a search feature and links etc to the others offering these services! My sales are now pretty much nonexistent!

Reply to @ylesiw:

Simple Trick

Great layout and easy navigation. I just want Fiverr to add complete guide WITH images for sellers and buyers about how to go about an order. I have met buyers who ask how to mark the complete, how do I rate your service etc. So it’d be nice for both parties to have a pictorial guide to make the process smooth.

Reply to @kjblynx: I can’t agree more on this! Why did the forum button left its cool position. Buyers should now about forum too! They don’t look down below.

Well done. Cant say I’ve had any problems with this new update. =D>

Layout is nice, But as a seller I am not satisfy with this revise. because, you have given a golden opportunity on home page for few sellers (No any equality among sellers). “To Do, Notifications and Msg” not giving clear details. And after these few updates sales are very low. :-q

Reply to @prologo1: Agreed! We need to have equality among sellers especially loyalty to those of us who have not made TRS but have been on fiverr since the beginning! Level 2 sellers in particular seem to have been affected.

So far, I think the new look is an improvement. We’ll see how it goes now I have a seller account too.

Dropped my Sale! Disappointed with this. Also, the TO DO section with ‘numbers’ was good. Not happy.


Still having a very slow number of orders coming in.

my experience has not been very good so far, first i like to monitor my sales via my mobile phone when am on the road or away from my pc, but since the upgrade i have not been able to do so, and i noticed a lot of people have complained of drop i sales i hope admin is reading and taking mote of responses here. so far if i was to choose, i will choose the old layout. please put mobile user into consideration too.