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Introducing Fiverr Collaboration Tool

File collaboration with fiverr’s new collaboration feature reviewing the file is simpler than ever before.

Introducing Collaboration Tool :partying_face:

The new sleek design allows you to review your files in a faster and better way. Leave comments on video, audio and image files. Each comment will be time stamped automatically in the video and audio file so other participants will know the exact part you’re referring to.

You can also add an annotation on the file to make sure your message is clear. Create a list with all your suggestions and remarks. Don’t forget to mention the things you like.

Once you’re set click Submit all comments to share your feedback with all other participants.

Now everyone is literally on the same page for more information and best practices. :wink:
Be sure to check out Fiverr knowledge base.

Note: The Collaboration tool will be gradually available to all sellers and buyers on the order page.

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I saw this new feature and thought that’s nice

If there could be some form of visual markup of pictures/illustrations it would work soooo much better

Comments on visuals need visual annotations like you have sometimes in the comments for job submissions

For video comments to work you need make sure the timecode is accurate and is exportable in a format accepted by the main editing software, without that it is limited. This is from someone that has worked in video editing advertising for many years. Without accurate timecode there’s little point unless the playhead can be queued up accurately by clicking on the markers.

Does fiverr read in the movies at different frame rates and base the timecode on the source timecode this is also a very very important feature. Often TV programmes are started from various hours based on deliverables to tape and so this is crucially important in a professional environment


ps let me know when the visual markup appears in this feature its needed, badly


There’s visual markup of pictures in the revision request feature. I suggested something like that for videos (visual markup at a particular timecode I think, eg. where you can add circles and comments about things you want changed at different points in the video - eg. for revision requests). But it looks like it’s just comments at different points in the video. Though it will still be useful. Though there will probably be limited support for video formats. Also, Fiverr’s preview for videos are low res, so if they added visual mark-up it might be better if they also allowed higher res video to be displayed in the mark-up section.

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BITC could be added by sellers I suppose that would serve same purpose

Only works if seller can specify to make comment on the BITC version or on encoded low res versions (could be added by fiverr to assist in this process)

I think if videos are to be uploaded there should be some way to upload a secondary video which is compressed to assist in the BITC function

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Notice in the screenshot it only shows minutes and seconds. Not a full timecode. And there doesn’t seem to be frame accurate controls. So even with a burnt in timecode by the seller without accurate controls they may not be able to (easily) accurately specify what wants changing (maybe something is on a specific frame that needs changing). Plus a visual mark-up to show what area of the picture needs changing on videos would help.

Also while a seller could create and upload a burnt in timecode version, it would be better if Fiverr could create this (or show an accurate timecode version) from the uploaded version (it would also save on bandwidth).


Still not, but it’s a game changer. This will completely revamp video revisions, very nice move by Fiverr. Exactly what we were asking for.

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Hi Guys,
My name is Jonathan and I’m the Product manager at Fiverr in charge of the file collaboration feature.
Thanks for your precious feedback.

Just so you know, the current version is just the beginning and we plan on implementing more features in the near future.
One of the feature which will be released in a few weeks is, as some of you mentioned, is visual annotations on images and videos.

As for file support - we gradually rolling out support for almost any kind of video format and 720p display.

I would love to get your feedback and suggestions here.



Love this addition!

It makes my feedback generally much easier to understand and faster to fix!

Great work Fiverr!

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Wow! That will make review so much easier for people.

I hope Fiverr also improves its content management. It’s a huge pain to keep track of multiple files in one order.


There could also be a better way than having to re-deliver all files when doing revisions when only one of them has changed (otherwise it could be classed as a partial delivery).

There should be a way to let it re-use the already uploaded file (eg. large video file) instead of having to re-send it if it’s not changed with that revision. Also there should be a way to make it continue from where it left off if there was a failure part way through. Also an option to limit the bandwidth when uploading would be good.

For this collaboration, a full timecode (whether from the file or just starting from 0, in a timecode format that could be specified by the user) and frame accurate controls would be best I think. Maybe an easy way to add circles/arrows to show where/how things need changing could be added.


These are all brilliant ideas!! Do you work in project management or are you just really efficient?

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Thanks :sunglasses:. No I don’t work in project management.

Unless things like Fiverr orders count :slight_smile:

This tool would be far more useful if I could figure out a way to delete, move, or edit annotations. Dragging the annotation shows a hand icon that says “move”, but as soon as I perform any other action, the annotation snaps back to place.

Is there any way to turn this off? I deliver files where this shows up and it’s not needed.

How effective and convenient this tool marker-based augmented reality android I want to do my work more effectively. Will this tool have another alternative?