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Introducing Fiverr Connect, an entreprenuel dating app

That’s a joke! Gotta be.

Doesn’t 5r go crazy about contacting outside the 5r world?


I’m leaving you for your twin brother. :broken_heart:


Fiverr sellers who signed up for it. You’ve to add your age and interest and stuff. It’s worth a try.

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Do they check your ID though for age and reverse-search your profile image and stuff to vet you? Else I can see a class action lawsuit coming up in July, or whenever the video said the roll-out will start. :wink:

Can one exclude include profile picture hair colour preferences and accents and such too?

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That´s you? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah :grin:

19+1 = 20

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I thought so at first. There’s no money involved though (that has a name other than dating.) Why not? Do you have to be unmarried to sign up?

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Well, in that case, I’m leaving writer’s twin brother to try my luck with 5r app. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Oh where, oh where can my prince charming be? :heart:

Will it be another buyer or another seller or maybe, it’ll be a B/S’er! :wink:


I signed up! Whew, the only marriage question was the one about monogamy.


Do they ask gender preference? And if so, how? Only binary option?

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I want Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Matthew McConaughey look alike with either Sean Connery or Patrick Stewart voice.

Am I asking for too much?

[details=Summary]Call me shallow.

Just kidding. I actually like the fun, happy type who likes to travel and try exotic foods!

They are very hard to find.

I do like the Sean Connery/Patrick Stewart voice though. Deep and manly. :heart::heart:[/details]


No, I´m sure they can find a VO actor for you who can pull that off.


I know you already tried it out Mila :laughing:

You bet. No, did not too, I´m allergic to telling anyone my age. :stuck_out_tongue:


I signed up and got a low rating on my first date.
Now I’m unable to get any other request @eoinfinnegan you better suggest (set another trap :stuck_out_tongue: ) me to get outta from this worst situation :wink:
I need more date :laughing:


Wait, is this real or an actual thing? Between Fiverr and family responsibilities I really don’t get enough chance to socialize in real lief…or get a date. :sweat:
21 and single for 21 damn years.

Love It! You’ve really stepped up your game Fiverr.

May the “Doers” find their True Love. :heart_eyes:


Seriously, this better be real and not some April Fools joke dammit I’ve been single for far too long.

Well, there are lots of app designers on Fiverr, as long as it´s just a joke I suppose it´s okay to steal the idea. :wink: