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Introducing Fiverr Logo Maker (Officially)

It’s been talked about a little bit already here in the forum, but we’re making it official today.

It’s no surprise that the demand for logos is on the rise. A great logo is memorable and helps leave a lasting impression. Creating the perfect logo is a journey. Sometimes there’s time for a brief, a brainstorm, and a few sketches, but other times the need for a logo is more immediate. But what if there was one tool that would help streamline the process for both the buyer and seller?

The new Fiverr Logo Maker uses AI-technology and machine learning to pair real, handmade logos from Fiverr designers with relevant buyers, instantly.

We’re determined to harness the power of AI and automation to enhance human productivity, because when used properly, technology can elevate human creativity. While AI plays a critical role in automating certain tasks like data entry and collection, certain skills that require human thinking such as creativity, innovation, storytelling, and social interaction will never be truly automated by machines. As a result, AI will make certain types of work more human, not less.

Fiverr sellers now have the opportunity to monetize their existing design portfolio by instantly producing hundreds of logo permutations using our AI-based tool.

For buyers, the powerful service streamlines the logo creation process allowing them to rapidly personalize and customize original, handmade designs created by Fiverr sellers. Recognizing the risk that automation and AI presents for the creative community, Fiverr Logo Maker is advancing a unique approach that preserves the integrity of human-made logo designs, while giving business buyers a fast and intuitive service to build a logo.

Ready to get started? Check out the [Fiverr Logo Maker](

This is still in “beta” so if you find anything that seems off or you have questions, please let us know here.


I hope to God you’ve made this copyright infringement bullet-proof.

By “existing design portfolio” do you mean logos sellers have created and uploaded to a design catalog, but not sold? Or do you mean that if I order a logo on Fiverr, I now might have to worry about the same concept art being sold with a few variations to other buyers?

It would be nice if this could be explicitly clarified. This is especially true given the sheer volume of sellers already selling modified clipart from elsewhere as logos.


All logos must be original work designed by the seller and never previously sold. They are only sold through the logo maker.


@mjensen415, wow !!! that’s a great news. I have visited the beta site And, I must say it is very user friendly. Cheers…


Ok, that’s fair. What happens though when you press the buy button? It looked like I wouldn’t be able to see the price of a logo until I did. In this case, I didn’t in case I stumbled into agreeing to buy before knowing how much I was paying.

Do you see the price before you finalize payment? I’m guessing so. However, it would be nice to know how much a design will cost a little earlier. A lot of the logo concepts the creator came up with for me were from Pro sellers. People might well use this expecting to create an affordable logo, but then feel put off if they suddenly find prices way beyond their budget.

Maybe add clear pricing at the logo customization stage, or at least an estimate to lower bounce rates.

Edit: Also, does Fiverr have any plans to create a similar feature for writers? i.e. One where people could buy pre-written articles?


Perhaps I’m missing something. On a site that exists to provide personalized work from individual freelancers, you’ve decided to allow the creation of automatic logos that don’t require buyers to hire freelancers? Isn’t this going to kill the logo design category, and take sales away from REAL logo designers who have offered their services here on Fiverr?

In all honesty, I don’t see the purpose of this, when personalized logo creation has already been a service on Fiverr for years.


Great news,
While downloading the sample from it

I got some other’s design not related to the one I choose.


I guess the person who designed it might be getting a commission from it.



If you try using it, you find that a lot of designs are very generic. I tried to make a freelance/cryptocurrency logo. Some of the design choices include Pangolins. In this case, people could well end up returning to regular Fiverr to have a custom logo created.

That said, the download sample feature is going to be heaven for logo resellers… :thinking:


Maybe the logo maker should give a score for originality/uniqueness of the logo and the elements (and the design could be rejected by the buyer if it’s too low).

Though I’m not sure how it will be really unique if it’s using the same elements for many logos (unless the elements themselves can’t be copyrighted/trademarked - but that might only work for elements that are very basic/common shapes).

edit: Also the current version doesn’t seem to have enough industries in the options.


I tried “making a logo” – twice – with the program as well, and the results were terrible, generic, and repetitive. As a logo designer myself, I’ve actually had buyers come to me and hire me for design work, after choosing to play around with the “free automatic logo design sites” already out there on the internet. People don’t want computer-generated logos – especially generated logos that they then have to purchase. I’m all for Fiverr advancing and trying new things, but this automatic logo generator is a terrible idea for inclusion on a personalized freelance services site like Fiverr.


Yeah, that’s another thing I’m afraid of.


wow it’s a great news for us. I visited that special logo maker page. really it will be very helpful for all. Thanks for giving this wonderful support.


I like the word of “monetize”, I feel like . . .

WOW :money_mouth_face:

But wait, how to use this as sellers? why I see buy & download option after I create business name, slogan and choosing logo?


Just Amazing :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


@talhamemon1 see the new update and explore.


How to sale my design through this app? :sob:


I don’t think it’s going to work because:
There are so basic logos when I selected everything premium. Logo is the face of the business. The only way it can work is seller provides high quality logos there and the actual designers will not do that. every logo cannot cost same ever in this industry.


I think this won’t work well at all.

The designs are amateur at best - I’m not a graphic designer, and I vastly prefer my logo, that I made myself, to all these options. The sliders are totally pointless - check the attached images, with the options selected and the results. THEY ARE THE SAME. This is not ok - presenting the user with an apparent choice that changes nothing is downright insulting.

If you want logos like this, there are tons of websites and apps that let you design them for free. Hard pass.