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Introducing Fiverr Logo Maker (Officially)

Am I correct in assuming that the logo marks get recycled and sold again and again, with the only change being the title/tagline? Like, once a logo is bought, that design doesn’t disappear, and other people can continue to buy it?

Because if so, it destroys the entire point of having a logo. You don’t have a brand if everybody has your brand. Good luck trademarking anything as well, so this is pointless for businesses.


Exactly this is my point, how they can sold one design again and again only with a change
of tagline and title.


From what I can see, this is no different to the countless other logo makers out there on the market… the only USP is that Fiverr has unlimited potential to tap-in to logo designers (versus a standard logo designer website which likely has a small team of designers creating things every once in a while). In theory, there could be thousands of new logos added every day.

Over time, this COULD be good, if enough logos are poured in the back-end of the system to ensure that you really are getting a wide variety of options, tailored to your requirement. But how does the system identify a minimal vs a vintage logo for example? Are they tagged? If so, who tags them? The sellers can’t be allowed to do that, as the system would be abused by sellers wanting their logos to appear more than anyone else’s. So that surely means either AI, or a team of Fiverr staff constantly reviewing and categorising logos behind the scenes. Also, as others have mentioned, what happens when poor quality, and/or copyright infringing logos start to creep in? Perhaps Fiverr has controls for this, but they haven’t really mentioned them.

I’m not against this in theory. Let’s face it, Artificial Intelligence is the way the wind is blowing, and no amount of people disliking it is going to stop it. And as @skydesigner has already shown, you can make residual income (which, let’s face it, is the dream… money while you sleep for work you might have done months ago, over and over again).

I’m just not convinced that this has been launched as well as it could have been. The fact that people are already finding that the filters make no difference to your search results kind of proves that this wasn’t ready to come out of the oven just yet.

I wonder how long it will be before you can type in some text, and audition your voice over from a collection of Fiverr’s VO artists, all recreated in high quality audio… :neutral_face:


When that happens is the day all voice over actors will be out of a job.

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Why buyers purchase pre made logo for $30 or $60? Whereas top rated sellers offer $5 for logo design.


It’s not helpful for buyers as designs are extremely generic and very similar to what you would expect from an existing logo generator.

As for getting ideas from designs, if I was a reseller who knows nothing about logos, I’d pop over to the logo generator. Once there, I’d screencapture some designs to show my end client. If they liked one, I’d then jump over to regular Fiverr and ask a few $5 sellers if they can knock me up asimilar version of te logo selected.

Regular logo making software vendors also hire logo designers to come up with concept art. There really isn’t a difference here other than that defined by a bit of marketing spin.

This was my very first thought. However, the answer I got was:

However. there seem to be too few logo designs to really make this feasible. Also, if all logos sell for $60 and can only be sold once, I don’t see any incentive for sellers to keep on creating logos for the app. At least, not unless they are forced to because of the logo maker causing organic sales to flatline.

The day has already arrived:

With the right AI and enough voice samples, you can imitate anyone’s voice easily. I even heard a dark web rumor that an audio leak of Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam during last years protests was an AI-generated audio recording.

All that said, there doesn’t seem to be anything AI about what Fiverr is doing here. They seem more to have just name-dropped AI tech to score PR and marketing points. The second you start using the ‘AI-powered’ logo maker, you realize all the sorting options you have do very little. There is just a standard search filter at work here. In this case, no one needs to call Fiverr Sarah Connor just yet.


simply amazing :smile: I think, F developers don’t have anything to do these days…so they are wasting their time like this :smile:

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As a seller, I like the idea of creating a passive revenue using Fiverr and was selected to submit some designs to logo maker before launch. What I don’t like is that some of the designs uploaded are clearly ripped off or copied from elsewhere. Some of the designs are also poor in terms of just general use of colours, composition and fonts. I won’t show examples here, as I don’t want to call out any seller but there needs to be a better quality control.

I also don’t think this will take away from my own logo services as those who are likely to want to hire someone to make a logo just for them are still likely to want that. This tool is for a different market of buyers.


Did you mean like using it as a sample design if the buyer asking the seller for the sample logo design? :sweat_smile:

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Reminds me of some stock sites that post multiple variations of logos and sell them as packages. And of course some buyers go to the forum and ask if they can copyright the logos as their own.

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WHOA this works like a charm for Beta :heart_eyes:


Interesting. Seems to be a nod to the notion that people want to be able to use AI tools to get logos, and then as your buying, like Vista Print, you get the option of buying even more stuff with the logos on it. Just a different revenue stream for Fiverr. Its nice that sellers who contribute get recognition and a commision I suppose. Just seems to be acknowledging a trend, following it, and monetizing on it. Heck, I saw they now have a local photography section where you can hire a local photographer. So Fiverr is now part craigslist, part vista print, and still part Fiverr.

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Blockquote how much did you get to keep of that?

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I don’t see that, as most people want fully customized articles for their needs. Unlike a logo creator where they add words automatically within the logo itself, I can’t see how this would work for articles. Maybe some articles created for SEO, but even then… I don’t find it as helpful as it is with logos. But who knows.

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It already works for articles and the platform that makes it work is the go-to platform for a lot of major brands. They have also been in operation longer than Fiverr.


Some logo designer give me unique no copyright logo design. They are superb :star_struck: but few logo designer using random logo. :sleepy:


I didn’t even get any graphics with my test run, just the business name in different fonts… And changing the slider options didn’t change anything! Not a fan…

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Its always like that. Some are good, some are shabby.


Who’s gonna pay 30 or 60 dollars for these amateur designs when I can get a decent or good logo designer on Fiverr with tons of experience to make a personlized one for me with all source files and resources included…it doesn’t make sense and it looks like fiverr is trying to lose money. Why is Fiverr trying to make useless add-ons when they can focus on other improvements that will actually help the community? :frowning: