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Introducing Fiverr Logo Maker (Officially)

Dude, I’m selling custom logos way cheaper than that, that’s disappointing in my side tbh, and not because my work’s bad, I have a 5 star rating… the thing is, i don’t think I’ll get much more sales by increasing the price… oh well…

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Those logos the logomaker makes look professional and a zillion times better than some of the ones some sellers here make. I got a few horrific samples one time when I asked a few sellers for them, as if a six year old child made them, and they weren’t ever going to be usable by anyone.

Some of the samples I got were obviously made by a free online logomaker also and were worse by far than the ones fiverr’s logomaker makes.

So it all depends on what you are comparing these logomaker logos to.


I agree 100% with you, Maria! I am a logo designer my self and I don’t feel this as a threat. Every products has it own customers. Looking at the bright side, we as a logo designer can create a passive income if we can sell our logo through Fiverr Logo Maker.

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True! I tried Fiverr logo maker my self ( to see how it works) and it looks cool and not as generic as other logo maker.

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Great post, Thanks a lot

Hello mjensen,

How are you? I’m doing great.
Recently I have faced some difficulties with Logo Maker.
Buyer selects a design from the logo maker and wants to tweak a bit of the design. They order us through the logo maker.
We get the order.
Unfortunately there is no way to open the order page on our side.
We do not get the deliver option.
Also there are time limitations to deliver the files. Fiverr support team takes a long time to respond.
In that case we had to cancel the order.
Could you tell me any way that I can access the order to deliver properly.
I have already read the fiverr logo maker article but there is no solution.
I’m waiting for your valuable solution.

Thank you