Introducing Fiverr Pro - Err Sorry, I Meant Pigs Ear Sandwich


I’m really getting disillusioned with this review bug nonsense. Every order is becoming a complete ratings slide nightmare. Over 12 - hours I spent yesterday attempting to satisfy a buyer who ordered my most basic gig but wanted custom work in a style I explicitly state I do not offer. In the end, I sent 2 x 1-minute videos for the price of 1 x 30-second video.

Now today I get a 4.3-star review. Why do I know the buyer meant to leave 5-stars? Because they just tipped me afterward!

I am now starting to seethe with the injustice at the absolute mess Fiverr has become. It is simply not possible to work around bugs like this. Saying: “by the way, be careful how you review,” will get me flagged for manipulation. Asking a buyer to correct a review left in error will apparently lead to an official warning,

Come on Fiverr. Why can’t things just get fixed? I am speeding toward demotion and why? - Because of bugs and unthought-out flaws in this new mess of a rating system. Nine months on, none of which are even so much as officially acknowledged.




I had some glitch soup for lunch. It’s not as great as it looks. :stuck_out_tongue: