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Introducing: Fiverr’s New and Improved Referral Program


At Fiverr, we get you. Things get crazy, and even when you find something that makes life simpler, you forget to share the tip with even your best doer pals. But fear not! Our referral programis here to remind you to spread the productivity and efficiency of Fiverr to those you know best.

Our referral program makes it easy and worthwhile (CHA-CHING) to share the awesomeness of Fiverr with your network. And the benefits don’t stop there. The more friends you introduce to Fiverr, the more money you earn to get s#!t done. Everyone wins!

Here’s how Fiverr’s new Referral Program works.

Three easy steps to invite your friends:
  1. Spread the word via email or with your unique link via social sharing
  2. Follow up on any previous referrals and assist them if needed
  3. Enjoy the 20% you both get off when they make their first order

And if that isn’t simple enough, here are tips to ensure you’re making the best out of every referral.

Start spreading the word:
  • Share what Fiverr is about
  • Share how they can enjoy endless freelance services for a new logo, website content writing, and more!
  • If you have an idea of what they need, guide them to the correct service to make their experience even more seamless
Now, some of the fine print on how it works:
  • Invite a friend (or friends) to join Fiverr and you can receive up to $100 USD!
  • You and your friends will get a 20% discount for their first purchase on Fiverr (capped at $100 USD).
  • In addition, for each qualifying purchase made by your referrals, you, as the referrer, will receive to your shopping balance $5 USD or 20% of the qualifying purchase amount, whichever is higher (capped at $100 USD credit per qualifying purchase).
  • In total, you can earn up to $500 USD in shopping credit. Your earnings will only be available for use over a three month period.

Note: For more information, please read the referral program’s Terms of Service.

So, ready to refer a friend? Follow the simple steps below- it’s easy:
  • Log into your Fiverr account and click your user image and select “Refer & Get Up to $100.”

  • Note: You can also access the referral program from the footer. Within the Community section, select Invite a Friend.

  • If you have a Gmail account, you can click Invite Gmail Contacts and continue with the process. Otherwise, you can add an email and click Send.


  • Before sending, you can click “Preview Email” to view a preview of what your referral email will look like.
  • You have the option to copy an invite link to share on your own. In addition, you can share via your social channels (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Think this sounds pretty good? So do we! Want to know more? Find the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Referral Program FAQ’s

I can’t find my referral funds—they’re missing. Help!

Please make sure your friends using your unique link while joining Fiverr. Another common reason might be that the friends are not completing the ordering process.

I referred a friend and they did the process but also used a promotional code on their purchase. Do I still get my 20%?

The only way to make sure you and your friends are rewarded is to make sure your friends are registering with your unique link.

Am I getting $5 or $100 on each referral?

The amount depends on your referral’s spend. As one of your friends makes their first purchase the minimum you’ll earn $5. In general, as the purchase amount increases your 20% will be higher, and you can earn up to $100 per referral.

Can I only earn up to $500?

Yes, $500 is currently the max. If you’ve reached this, congrats! Please contact us and we will look into raising your limit.

I referred a friend but they did not use my link but signed up anyway, do I still get the $5?

No, unfortunately not. In order for you and your friends to earn money, we must ensure that the purchase was made as part of the referral program.

So, don’t keep the secret to incredible productivity all to yourself. Refer your friends to Fiverr, let them in on the fun, and both get paid! What could be better? Get started today.

Have other questions about our new Referral Program? Ask us in the comments below—and start inviting your friends (and getting shit done) today!

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I didn’t see anything about this in the Terms: Are we permitted to refer family members or others living in the same household? I once had a problem when both myself and another family member with separate accounts (at another online business) each tried to accept a certain promotional offer. Some rewards/referral/coupons programs consider this gaming their system, even when a limit of one account per household has not been expressly prohibited. Persons in my household are all adults with separate payment means so I think they’re entitled to individual benefits. I’d just like to know if anyone has had a problem before. Thanks.


Hello! Thanks for this post. I wasn’t aware until know that Fiverr had a referral program.

I just have one question. I’m very active in social media, would it be a problem if too many people follow my referral link? and… would they be allowed to purchase my gig with my own referral link (I mean, to get a discount)?

I don’t understand this “We reserve the right to suspend your account and remove referrals shopping credit entitlement should we notice any activity we determine contrary to the Referral Program terms and conditions or the Fiverr Terms of Service by the Referrer and/or Referral”

How can my account be suspended for sharing my code or refer to somebody?


What Fiverr is concerned about, like any affiliate program provider, is that people will game the system to get commissions. So if you’re spamming people or unethically using link builder programs or getting friends and family to spam people or buy things just so you can get a commission, this all downgrades the Fiverr brand and dilutes the value of the program. They have to protect their brand, which would be affected by these activities regardless of the sales Fiverr makes.

Almost all affiliate marketing companies have very similar policies. They have to protect their brand. Fiverr would look really bad if it became a tool for people to get commissions through problematic ways or if people were spamming links or whatever. I’m not saying you would do that. I’m just saying that Fiverr has to remove the incentive for people to take that route.