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Introducing Fiverr Studios!

Got this mail today!

What’s a Studio?

A Studio consists of a Studio Lead and members. As a Studio member, you’ll work with other creatives who deliver a full solution, all within one Gig.

Please note: In order to join a Studio, you must receive an invitation from a Studio Lead. Be sure to keep a lookout for Studio invites.



They’ve also got a Webinar to give people some answers and guidelines to starting a Studio.

Honestly, I’m more interested in being part of one than being the lead on one. Anyone else waiting to see what happens before diving in?


From what I can see, this is merely a way to keep the over-all costs down for the client needing multiple services to complete one single project. Such as needing a web designer + video producer + voice over talent.

The problem is, only the Lead knows how much the others are getting paid. If you are the last in the chain (aka voice talent), you end up getting the raw end of the deal.

Speaking for myself, I freelance because I prefer not to be part of a team. Not being dependent on others, nor them be dependent on you.

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I got Studio Pro Lead and actually looking forward to doing some of the bigger gigs. All hands on deck and great experience for art direction.

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