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Introducing Fiverr Studios

Working on a larger project that requires multiple freelancers? We’ve got you covered. In our continued effort to change how the world works together, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest service that provides all the resources and talent you need to solve larger projects, all in one place. It’s as easy to use as our standard platform, managed by one point of contact from start to finish and acts a one-stop source for finding quality talent. We call it Fiverr Studios.

Sometimes one project requires a writer, a designer, a videographer, and a developer. That’s where Studios comes in. Fiverr Studios gives buyers the opportunity to find all the talent they need to complete their project with one simple search. It’s the same search filters, review system, and upfront pricing as Fiverr, but for a full team with multiple capabilities. Each Studio is assigned a Studio Lead who will manage everything from feedback to timelines to communication between buyers and the Studio.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Browse and buy: just like a standard Gig, you’ll have the filters, reviews, filters, and upfront pricing. Find quality teams led by top Studio leads and purchase instantly.
  2. One point of contact: let your project manager lead the way. Your Studio Lead will handle everything from feedback to timelines to communication between you and the team.
  3. Cross another to-do off your list, and watch for your idea to come to life.

One Studio. Multiple Skills. All in one place. Ready to get started? Visit Fiverr Studios to get more information today. Already a Studio Lead or a member? Check out our new forum category designed to help you connect with other members.


The terms of service says:

Studio Leads are chosen manually by Fiverr through an ongoing review process based on seniority, volume of sales, high ratings, exceptional customer care, high order completion rate and more

Will the criteria ever be automatic and the full requirements public - a bit like the requirements for levels?

Also is there a reason why a studio lead can only lead 1 studio? eg. it may be possible in theory for a lead to properly lead multiple studios I imagine. Might that limitation change in future?

Also is it correct that you can’t have more than 1 team member doing the same service? If so why as some projects (in general) require many people doing the same service and it could cut the time of the project down?


I have been contacting people into joining my studio. But a lot of them do not know what a Studio is…

Edit: Please anyone reading this, do not send me a message on Fiverr asking to join my Studio if you are a Logo designer, voice actor, or whatever your unrelated skill is, read my gigs’ descriptions and if it is not related to whatever you do, do not send me a message. Next one, will be marked as a spam.

Edit2: I am an effing engineer/VBA developer/google script developer… SEO, Voice acting, writing CVs, …etc is your skill?
DO NOT CONTACT ME!!! If you contact me, you will be marked as a spammer and might get a warning or get terminated.


hey ammarshrf, Can you please guide me or explain little bit how we can create studio gig?


i got option of studio but can you explain how to create gig because there is no option of that.


I am excited to see this news and curious to know about creating Studio GIGS.
I also ready to co work with studio owners.
I am basically a Graphic and motion artist.
animated banners, 2d animation, banner design, etc


Lots of buzz words here but… Well, how does it work exactly?

Browse and buy says that if I need a press pack put together, I can find a gig for that. However, buying via a Studio lead and project manager suggests I can’t do that but need to first hire a Studio lead or project manager. Then point three about crossing another to-do off my list… Well, my first to-do is to figure out what I’m doing exactly.

Maybe clean the sales pitch up and explain this a bit better? - So that people understand it :wink:

Edit: Okay, I read it twice and watched the video. It kind of made sense.


Seconding this question because forcing only one person to do a job would be outright silly. Animation is a good example. Animation takes forever. The process could move along much quicker if you have multiple people animating different shots.


this is a big and good news for us.


I don’t really like it. It would made more sense if it would allowed sellers to work together easier, like a bunch of graphic designers working together on multiple projects.

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i will be happy to join a studio which will need a french/english or english/french translator .

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Great thinking by fiverr. I was looking for these types of innovations. Entrepreneurs will be very happy to find these types of services.

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Is this studio option only available for pro sellers?

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It is the awesome opportunity to work as a team
Thanks fiverr :heart_eyes:

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Great concept :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

No, it’s available to any seller that Fiverr has selected. Some studio leads are Fiverr Pros, some are level 2, one has no level but many reviews.


I’m looking at creating a FIVERR Studio as my business offers multiple services and would like to build a segment of my bussiness with FIVERR, however I don’t see an option to do so. I have not seen FIVERR as a good fit before but with this new option I believe it could be a great platform to build a new segment of my business.

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You’d need to wait until you’re manually selected by Fiverr to be eligible to be a studio lead currently (ie. unless they later change it to an automatic system). The selection criteria for studio leads is based on “seniority, volume of sales, high ratings, exceptional customer care, high order completion rate”, etc. according to the TOS.


It is the awesome opportunity to work as a team