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Introducing my 4 GIGs: Copywriting and Proofreading

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:,
what follows is the showcasing of my GIGs for German-speaking clients.

As a copywriter, I create blog and website copy, write emails and social media posts. I can’t do very technical posts in the short amount of time due to lack of expertise but aside from that, I like to keep learning about new topics. Examples of topics I’ve worked on include:

  • Website text about Automobility (more specifically: advantages of E-mobility)
  • Product advertising for clothing (guide: Which ski equipment suits me?)
  • Product advertising for furnishings (guide: Which room furnishings should I choose? Which lighting? Which wall and ceiling colors?)
  • Blog post on vegan nutrition (nutrition pyramid, what to look for? Recipes, …)
  • Website text for a German university to promote a course of studies
  • store presentations
  • Letters for parents of high school students to promote school events
  • Newsletter to promote a food truck for corporate events

I subject existing texts to extensive proofreading: grammar, spelling and style (line by line). Since I write my own texts at the same time, which go through the same proofreading steps, I work according to a checklist; this way, clients know exactly which step I am currently at. In addition, I clean up the *
HTML code and/or prepare the file for printing (macro- and micro-typographically: as a trained media designer, I bring every text into a good-looking print format with a clean type area).

Feel free to click through my GIGs. Feedback would be appreciated (orders too :wink:) and I will gladly answer your questions Thanks for reading my thread.

Greetings and hope to see you soon in my messages :slightly_smiling_face:

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