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Introducing myself to Fiverr Give me a warm welcome!

Hello Fiverr friends!
I’m Lorenzo from the Netherlands and today i started my first gig on Fiverr.
I am really excited to start as a freelancer on this site! I worked all day on my first gig to fully optimize it. I hope it’s Fiverr worthy.

Excited for the future and hoping everyone has a great time on here!



Welcome to the forum

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welcome to forum Good luck :+1:

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you welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Lorenzo,

Nice to meet you. I believe you’re in the same part of the world as our friend @hum_on_the_go.

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Hello Friends!!
I am Vijaya from India and I have started my journey on Fiverr.
I am experienced and very good at Data Entry, so started my freelancing service in this category. I have created the gigs and hope its Fiverr worthy as I am new to Fiverr.

Very excited to work on Fiverr…

Welcome! You’re going to love it here! :grinning:

Hoi @lorenzojm, hoe is het? Hier dan eindelijk een Nederlander die ook Fiverr heeft weten te vinden, super leuk joh! Ik wens je nog hartelijk welkom hier op het Forum. :crazy_face:

Sorry guys, just love to type some words in Dutch, after all, I haven’t come across anyone from the Netherlands since joining Fiverr, except @lorenzojm. :thinking::thinking:, Where are the Flying Dutchies?? After all, we live with over 19 million citizens in an overcrowded, flat as a pancake country with all the facilities and modern resources you possibly can have. Also, well known for the tallest people of the world. My dad who’s 196cm and me myself 187cm are good examples of that. Enough talk!

But where are the Dutchies here on Fiverr???

Translated: Hi @lorenzojm. how are you doing? Finally, someone who is Dutch and found his way to Fiverr. I wish you a warm welcome here on Fiverr. :hugs::hugs:

Viva Los Holandeses Voladores (which means) LONG LIVE THE FLYING DUTCHIES :rofl::rofl::innocent:



Hello there @vijayaj151, did I pronounce your name correct? Yes, I did, thank god! :joy: Just kidding!! First I like to welcome you here on Fiverr, where news of Tomorrow is News of Today.

Second, I suggest for you to add a new topic (new on Fiverr) just to get yourself known to the Forum, as you replying to somebody’s topic here and won’t get that much attention am afraid. either way, I hope you’ll find a foothold here and wish you all the best on your journey ahead. Best regards, Humberto