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Introducing Myself

Hi everyone! My name is Ana. I recently found out about this website and couldn’t believe it was real due to the many different and innovative services offered. I just wanted to let you all know that the service I’m selling is to help you translate English to Spanish and vice versa–both written words and recorded audio. Thank you for taking your time to read this!


Welcome to Fiverr and Best of luck for future :slight_smile:


Hi, Ana… WELCOME! :tulip:
Best wishes with your translation service gig.


Awesome! I pray everything will go well with your business! :slight_smile:


Welcome! :sunglasses:

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Welcome to Fiverr! Don’t hesitate to use the forums to search up or ask questions you may have, you’ll be guaranteed a good answer.

Best of luck with your gig!

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Welcome to Fiverr, Ana. Best of luck with your translation service!

Hi Ana, Welcome to Fiverr… Wish you luck. :slight_smile:
Say my Hi to Elsa. :wink:

Welcome to fiverr world largest online marketplace

Who is elsa …

Her sister.


There’s a movie called Frozen with two characters Elsa & Anna. The user who started this thread is named as Anna so saddu said,

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Welcome to fiverr and best of luck

Welcome, you can always ask if you need anything :slight_smile:

Welcome to this forum…

Great! Welcome to fiverr

Hey Ana!!.. Welcome to Fiverr…

Welcome Ana. Best of luck

Ana has managed to continue attracting welcome messages 4 months later, despite having left the platform 3 days after joining. Goodbye Ana!