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Introducing new designer!

Hey! I am a new graphics designer here! I like to use my creativity in new ways always. Currently I am working with banner ads and headers. I have research about popular banner sizes and designs. Then I have made my first gig in fiverr. It took 24 hours to make my gig.
I want feedback of my gig from experienced designers…
Thanks in advance!
Gig link:


Looks clean and straightforward. Best of luck to you and welcome

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Thanks for your reply!

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Hi @faizaferoz,

Welcomr to Fiverr and the forum!

I visited your Gig. Please let me suggest you change a few things.

1.- In all of your packages:

  • Get rid of unlimited revisions and only set a few. Unlimited revisions = Unlimited headaches.

  • Get rid of “knock me”, it’s not professional. You’re not talking to your friends or relatives, but to potential buyers. Instead, put “contact me” or “message me

2.- In your Gig description:

Reconsider changing “and meet you satisfaction with my creative design.”. It will only bring you trouble.

Don’t offer what you can’t ensure, since doing so will lead to cancellations for not providing what was promised. There’s no way everbody will be satisfied with your work, and for scammy buyers, what’s written in your Gig, will be taken as if it was written in stone.


Thanks for your advise. I will keep them in my mind.

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Hi @faizaferoz, I’m glad you did the suggested changes to your Gig. :slightly_smiling_face:

One little thing, though. You still need to get rid of “knock me”. It appears in all of your packages. Please change it with “contact me” or “message me". :wink:


Hey @maitasun, thank you for checking again! Actually I forgot to change it first time!

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Upload more samples on your gig. You can use a maximum of 3 spaces to showcase your work. Rest everything is all right. Stay active for buyer requests.

Okay @chetanmaini627… I am working on it. Thanks for your advice!

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Best of luck and go-ahead :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re most welcome, @faizaferoz! :wink:

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