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Introducing our Newest Category: Animated GIFs

Hey! Yoav here, I manage the Video & Animation vertical and I’d like to share some news!

Today we launched an awesome new long awaited category, called Animated GIFs!

Animated GIFs are everywhere, we see them across social networks, messaging apps, the UI of products we use, and more. There are many websites and blogs for discovering and downloading great GIFs, but there are very few services for creating custom content.

We wanted to change that. So in order to gain a better understanding of what features businesses need, we’ve been researching how Animated GIFs are used, who is using them, and why.

Today, we’re excited to finally share it with you. Introducing, Animated GIFs, a category that offers a variety of animation styles, from a wide range of talent.

Watch this video to learn more about Animated GIFs

Fiverr Animated GIFs include:

  • Social Media Posts and Ads
  • Stickers and Emojis
  • UI Animations
  • Greeting Cards & Invitations
  • GIFs for Emails & Newsletters

I hope you all enjoy it, feel free to share any thoughts and questions you might have.



Sound cool. One question though, there are 344 gigs on that category but relatively low demand.
Will having the new category drive more buyers to the current and upcoming gigs?


That is very astonishing news.


Great news. Cant wait to see the amazing jobs our great artists will make.

Maria S.


yes we sellers also enjoy this feature of fiverr


thank you this is very helpful:blush:


Thanks for making Fiverr better


What about the gigs in that category where the only file format listed is “.mp4”? Why are they in the “GIF” category? Also shouldn’t the section listed as “file_format” be shown as something like “file format”?


Thanks for the question. The reason is because Animated GIFs are already more than just being a format. When people talk about GIFs they already relate it to a type of animation rather than the format itself, which is why we added the file format metadata. Some people need an animated GIF for social, some for UI and some for personal usage. Most important thing is that when a buyer filters the format he needs, the Gigs shown will be the right ones.

Regarding the file_format - known issued which is being fixed.



Thanks kha1ed, not sure why you think the demand is low, but we’re seeing great need for Animated GIFs which is why this category was launched. We believe that now, with a dedicated place for Animated GIFs, the opportunity for sellers creating GIFs, will grow.



I said “low demand” based on the reviews shown when you search that category. Like there are many gigs without reviews, and the one with reviews has about 100 only.
Maybe its because these gigs were not categorized? Not sure

Finger crossed anyway :slight_smile:

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thats great, really like that :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you. Really, this is very helpful

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Awesome , thank you :heart_eyes:

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This is a really helpful category. Happy to hear that. So, we are going to have new gigs very soon…:blush::grinning:


Great! Thanks so much for the info.

YEAH, thanks! Finally a category of mine! :ok_hand:


That’s awesome! I will definitely order from GIFs at some point in the near future. Thanks for adding this category.

I was offering this service for years here in fiverr, just i have in a package of banner gig, its a bit sad that i can’t show all that jobs made on the past, anyway nice to hear that we have a category now.

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yes sir!! :smiley: I have already made many gifs but it is good to have a category now :wink: :wink: :wink: !!!