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Introducing Seller Plus

When you’re busy perfecting every task, it’s hard to give your Gig the attention it deserves.

Today we are launching Seller Plus – a special program that will connect you with a personal Seller Success Manager who will offer expert guidance to boost your business as a seller on Fiverr.

What are the other benefits of Seller Plus?

  • Enhance your Gig’s visibility, with expert advice on the right keywords and pricing
  • Increase your chances to qualify for programs that drive trive more traffic to your Gigs
  • Engage in networking events and educational content offered exclusively to members

We are gradually opening up Seller Plus to ensure that all interested sellers have the opportunity and time to engage with their Seller Success Manager. If you’re interested in being invited, leave a message below. Doing so does not constitute a sign up and you’ll still have to go through the process.

Seller Plus is $29 per month, but the first 200 to sign up will receive a 33% monthly discount. You can even pay right from your Fiverr balance.

All information and questions can be found here:


Paying to get priority access to Fiverr’s Choice and Rising Talent? Great. Just great.


Couldn’t agree more. I hope sellers will be promoted here because of their skills and talent, not because they signed up somewhere. I honestly don’t know what to think about it.

Plus, with Fiverr algorithm and gig rotation, how can someone guarantee or help us to enhance our gig’s visibility?..


I am not sure who this is for… Top Rated sellers and Pro Sellers most likely, but they are already making quite a lot of money anyway and they have advantageous gig positioning.

Newcomers will not be invited, and many level 1 or level 2 sellers will barely get invited as well. So… I am confused who this is for. Also, the price seems a bit too much considering it’s a monthly subscription and you are encouraged to keep it for months.

I am sure it will be great for some, but as far as I can see, this might not be for me.


Hope to get some insight but please reduce the price. 29$ for western countries is small but for Asian it a hefty amount per month.


Interested, please tell me more


Mistake number 1

Never leave a job for freelancing until you know you have at least 2-3 income streams.

The reason is simple, 1 of the income streams might end up being unreliable, like Fiverr is for you right now. So you can easily end up without money. Try to build up multiple income streams now that you have some time due to this deranking.



It certainly does feel as though the focus has shifted these past 6 months to squeezing as much money as possible out of sellers. Which is a shame.

I’ve nothing against programmes that are GENUINELY designed to help Sellers grow their business, quite the opposite. I reckon we could double our Fiverr workload before we started to become overstretched, and that would be phenomenal for us financially. I’ve no issue with paying to gain exposure and actually grow our business. You have to spend money to make money.

My issue is that recent programmes like Promoted Gigs have been (in our experience at least) awful. I tried promoting our British Male Voice Over gig. Almost $1 a click, with no option to choose who you were advertising to, so half of the enquiries we got were from people wanting an American accent. And whilst it might be a coincidence, since Promoted Gigs was introduced, organic traffic to the gig has tanked.

If invited, we’ll probably give this a go - what have we got to lose? I just wish Fiverr would prioritise working on fixes and features that Sellers ACTUALLY want, rather than focusing on what are clearly revenue generation streams, disguised as features.


It might be due to the program, but also the pandemic. There are a lot more sellers. I am a writer and I also receive less inquiries when compared to the same time in 2019. So yes, having more and more sellers on the platform is definitely a reason why some gigs are tanking.


Yeah you make a really valid point.

It’s why I wish Promoted Gigs was SO much better than it turned out to be. Something as simple as being able to choose which keyword searches you’d like to Promote to for example, or being able to focus on a specific region, like you do with literally every other Promotional tool on the web. If I could only pay for the term ‘British Male Voice Over’, from clients who are based in the UK, I’d gladly pay $1 per click as I guarantee I’d convert enough to make it worthwhile.

As it is, I just hit ‘Promote’ and assume that the algorithm has my back. Which in my experience, it does not.

That’s what I mean when I say that some of these recent features feel really half-baked, and more like a quick cash-generation scheme than anything else.


I guess the free customer success program that was possible to be eligible for for level 2 and TRS is shuttering its doors and being replaced with a pay system?

Pay for preferential treatment to receive Fiverr’s Choice, Rising Talent, and Promoted gig means all these listings will be dominated by a small group of sellers willing to shell out as much money as possible for as much on-site exposure as possible. Hooray…

And don’t tell me it’s just 29 bucks. Once these types of pay to play programs start up, they have a nasty tendency to grow into multiple “tiers” or “levels” that require more and more money to access.


Yes of course I am interested.


Yes I would be interested in trying the program, if I am eligible, anyway


Absolutely would be interested!


Ok peeps…this is an amazing opportunity! It’s affordable coaching! Cant you see that?! Coaching is so expensive and stops many people from learning and growing! Don’t get stuck! Take advantage of this coaching opportunity! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m tired of learning the hard way!


I am interested :raising_hand_woman:
Would be good to give it a try
Edit: @mjensen415 My profile on fiverr is “mariashtelle”
I just wanted to clarify it because I didn’t receive an invite yet :thinking:

Edit2: thanks! Received an invite and booked a call with my SSM


I don’t think there are those objecting the coaching/mentoring part of the program, but the biggest hang-up is the program influencing Fiverr promotional listings…

I have a number of reservations currently, but am interested (and curious if Fiverr would even consider me eligible in the first place).


Yes, I would have no issue with it if it was just coaching/mentoring. But out of principle, I am not going to participate in this. I do not like seeing Fiverr become pay to win for stuff that’s supposed to be manually chosen based on skill, such as Rising Talent and Fiverr’s Choice. I will never support that.


I think that is a good idea get some help of a Manager, but my opinion is the same as the others comments… the price is expensive considering that this is a subscription. If i subscribe i wanna be for a long time… an good price could be $20.

But i don’t agree with this thing of pay an subscription to participate of Fiverr’s Choice, Rising Talent… “FIVERR don’t lose your focus!” the good thing in the platform is that everyone can grown up based in skills and work.