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Introducing Seller Plus

I am interested in Seller Plus

Yes Interested Thank you

Can i join this? i really love to this

Hey Fiverr, I am interested to the seller plus program. Please let me know the next steps so that I can jump on it. Thanks.

Interested as always :smiley:

I’m interested. Can you please send me an invitation to my profile. Thanks for creating this great innovation.

Regrettably, I didn’t get an invite but happy to hear you got in! I’ll be looking forward to hearing how your experience was.

Welcome to the Fiverr forum community.

You still may get one. There are a lot of people that expressed interest that Fiverr still has to have a :eyes: look at. Plus, you expressed your interest a bit after I did. Watch your inbox, you may get a surprise too. :mailbox_closed:

Thank you, ssj1236. I am happy too.


Yes I got an invite. its midnight in California and I am waiting for my first meeting. It will be 8am her time. My eyes are blood shot and I am tired but will try to make this meeting upbeat! What are people asking their coach in the first meeting?

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I’m very much interested and in desperate need of someone to guide me improve my gig and sales
please sign me up
hope will get the opportunity soon

I am interested, I need to know more about this. Thanks

I’m interested. Can you please send me an invitation to my profile. please

@mjensen415 Would love to join :slight_smile: I’ve been featured on Fiverr Choice multiple times.

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Lol yeah right… I am TRS, and I can tell you that I am having low income of orders for 2 weeks now. Before that I had plenty of work. It is just this algorythm is bad as it gets for all of us. I deeply believe that TRS has 0 advantages for the last year on Fiverr.

And about this topic… I think that this is a shame that Fiverr takes 20% and now you need to pay to get exposure. Basically this is a well constructed idea to drain sellers pockets in a nice way. Fiverr-you have become greedy and it’s not cool.

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Looks interesting. Sign me up.

I am interested, when I will get this option?

Well ther are more than 160k people in your category. You most likely had a spotlight time for a few weeks, now they are promoting other people. That’s how it works. And it’s a fair algorithm, because you can’t have the same people on the first pages making thousands of dollars while others are at the bottom waiting.

Also, you do have pretty high price points, maybe there aren’t a lot of people willing to spend that much right now.

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Quick followup: my Seller Plus Manager was perfectly fine with alternate forms of contact besides Zoom meetings. I’m eagerly awaiting our meeting to see what this is all about.

This is the impression I got, too. I am a TRS and usually get regular orders. (I’m recently back from an extended OOO, and things have slowed down.) I’m curious how it will all work.


I am so happy for you @melanielm. Did you sign up for the Kick off on March 4th? Maybe we will :eyes: each other there? :thinking: