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Introducing the Fiverr App for iPhone!


We’re excited to share with you the Fiverr iPhone App!

With a visually stunning UI, this App marks our commitment to mobile as a major areas of focus in 2014. This is only the beginning, you can expect feature updates and and an Android version - so stay tuned!

For a limited time, when you purchase your first Gig® using the Fiverr App, you’ll be eligible to get a free Gig!

Read more here.


WOW! Talking about AWESOME! Super excited for the android version next year!

=D> =D> =D>

^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^


I want to report an issue with the app. I installed the app, but when I did so, all my notifications from the past 4 months were deleted. Now a lot of important notifications were lost. I my only income is from fiver, so please let me know how this can be fixed, I really need my notifications back.


Excited to experience the Android version. Please, make it soon :slight_smile:


thanks for fixing the glitches and thanks for the great app:)


Awesome work once again Team Fiverr!


HI Crew,

Hope you’re all good.

INCREDIBLE STATEMENT "we’re also working on an Android version"

You design an App for an OS that has 20+% world market share FIRST and then make an after thought statement that you’re “working on” (no launch date) an App for the most popular OS in the universe (Android) with near on if not over 70% Market share.

Emmmm ???

Forgive me for stating the obvious but this is absolutely bad product management and predictive market planning.

Even my 6 year old niece would have got this right.



Please have a serious think about my statement above and I’ll be happy to consult for you guys on any future product launches/development.

Best regards




Reply to @gfxerr: Plz chk your Fiverr email :slight_smile:


@ilgeorgiev this should be resolved, if not please let our customer support team know, they will look into it for you.


The app works great! It throws me off, a little bit. But, I’m figuring it out. Just make it so we can deliver within the app and we can see the comments of a final review, once it is marked complete. :slight_smile:


Great apps


Very impressed with the initial app! :slight_smile:


Waiting for Android App :slight_smile:


When i received my Android App…?


Love the app! And thanks for the free Gig :smiley:


Love it! This is a great app =)

I like how everything is so easy to access and very organized.

Thank you to all of the developers who worked so hard to create this for us!!


I just wanted to take some time out to congratulate Fiverr Admins and Support team for this wonderful addition to the platform. Well done guys and continue to keep up the Great and Extraordinary work!!!


Reply to @madmoo: I voiced your concern about the lack of ability to see or leave feedback, as well as several others, on the Linked In group. It looks good and functions a lot better than going to the site through internet on my phone, but they need to transfer over a LOT more features.


Looks good! A Blackberry app would be great.


Ahh baby… I am anxiously waiting for the Android app…