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Introducting my Team FlagTeam

Hello! I’m Flamur Gashi, from Kosovo. I’m CSE student, and I’m founder of FlagTeam.
Our team works to sell our experience and knowledge “ALL people on world”. We will accept orders of people in specific thinga(all things in world) but we can help outside of our Category too.

Our team have programmer(including me) painters,writes,math student etc..
We call our self FlagTeam beacuse we have people who will help use all around of world, and we will help all people in this world.

We have many flags today, but we live in one Planet!


Great way to start! I like the idea a lot
Good luck


Thank’s a lot! Glad you like it our idea.

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Helping with academic work is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.

Also you need to remove all references to helping with academic work from your profile description.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Still is like online course in short ways “that help” we will be paid i dont thing the will remove me bacause a draw a protarit for somebady or write an essay or doing math problems. Still thanks.

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Unethical Services

Fiverr’s marketplace is open for sellers to offer any creative and productive service they wish to propose. With that being said, we ask to refrain from offering any unethical service. For example, taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) or requesting academic work to be done for you, is unethical since it violates most schools’ Honor Codes and constitutes copyright infringement. Fiverr does not allow this type of fraudulent activities and it will not be permitted on our platform.

The above is from here:

Will leave this with you.

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Thanks! About information.


This will get your gig removed. You can go against the advice others on the forum give you but if things don’t go your way please refrain from creating a new post asking why was your gig removed. Good luck.


Then why exist category of writing&traslate and there a lot people doing this done and they rated very good. Still thanks for advice i will do!

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You have been told but still insist on offering to write essays and do homework.

If you type “homework gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

You are risking your Fiverr account. It can’t be made clearer to you.

Read this: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!