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Introduction and advice sought after

Hello everyone! I hope you’re well. I’ve recently stumbled upon this site. First impressions are that it’s really well designed, a great concept with very easy UX and attractive and easily navigable UI.

I’ve started to advertise my blog writing services as I’ve written around 20+ blogs posts in my time (comparatively not a lot I’m sure but anyway) and I actually realised just how much I enjoy it. I think it’s absolutely great being able to not only try and engage with a whole bunch of people you really don’t know, but to hopefully get them to perform certain actions too (if that’s the aim of the post).

I was essentially hoping for some advice from the more successful sellers/keen buyers as to how I can actually start to get the orders rolling in and how to maintain a steady flow/control?

Or is it a matter of “sit there and wait your turn?”

I recognise it’s hard to actually find authentic writers online as you never know what you’re going to end up with so I’m quite apprehensive, as well as excited! I have faith…

Thanks guys!