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Introduction from the wild forests of Canada!

Hey there wonderful people! I come from the cold and timmies ridden lands of British Columbia, Canada!
I’ve been a freelancer for years doing my own work with photography and cinematography, editing and graphics, almost everything with online services. I just recently found out about Fiverr, and honestly I could have used it years ago, but now that it is here I can share my knowledge even farther! Crazy community the internet can create. Cheers folks, have a great day and say Hi to a moose for me, I probably know him :slight_smile:

Great intro :slight_smile: Welcome to Fiverr!

Welcome! I would love to visit your area as I hear it is gorgeous! I love nature. Moose are wonderful animals. They are the largest members of the Cervidae family, which contains 55 species.

“Hello” from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario!