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Introduction of me

Hi, friends!
I am a very new one in here. I had no idea about Fiverr’s world. I think I will be able to explore myself here with the advice of my new friends.
Thanks to everyone.


welcome to fiverr community. active 24/7, Send buyer request everyday, And shere your gig in social media.


Welcome, Said, to the wonderful world of Fiverr. Some of the best advice I can give you as you start on your journey, is to most importantly, never take anything personal. Always remember, the customer is always right. Also, always remember, you are never to be abused or bullied by anyone including our customers. As such, know that Fiverr supports its Sellers always. So Fiverr will always assist you if you have a big problem with a customer. With good customer service, you will never have a problem you cannot solve between you and the customer. Just be as professional as you possibly can and love the work you do and continue to learn and grow so you can provide the best services that you possibly can. Again, welcome!

Please move your post to “fiverr introductions” category

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welcome to fiverr forum!

welcome to fiverr forum.

Yes. I suggest you read all fiver rules and all.

All the best and welcome