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Hi everyone, i am just getting started on fiverr as a seller.You can view my profile and gigs at ( Helpful tips on how to be successful will be highly appreciated.

Glad to here and wish everyone compliment of the season.


@brigig, Hi. I checked out your gigs and you are off to a good start. Definitely add a video for each of your gigs and if you can add a few “1 day” gigs, you can get express gigs that will get you more traffic to your gigs.

Some tips for ya!


Welcome to Fiverr and the community !




Reply to @hotwebideas: I intend do the video but can’t do that on my own. I want to engage a fiverr seller to do it for me. About the a few 1 day, do you I should more days? Thanks for your comment and Happy New year.