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Introductions Forum at the top or moving the Conversations Forum to the top

I would like to suggest adding an introductions forum at the very top of the site. No, not because I am so interested in new people (sorry) but because the main issue here is that many new users make their first post in the Tips for Sellers forum - probably because it’s the forum at the very top.

This could help fighting the spam a bit and would probably get the attention of new users. A sticky could be made there which explains how to select the correct forum for posts and so on. I am positive that it would help catch all the I’m new here posts . Maybe it doesn’t even require a new forum if the conversations forum would be moved up to catch all the new guys and girls :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion that might work out well.

Hello there,

Your suggestion has been suggested already plenty of times, since it is so true.

Don’t worry, we’ll be seeing good stuff in the forum’s soon…