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"Introverts Aren't Shy!"


I am currently working with a buyer who, unfortunately, placed two separate orders to have a couple articles written on learning the Spanish language (for introverts).

I wrote an article based on their instructions, delivered it two days ago, and we’ve since been going back-and-forth with revisions and deliveries. They’ve squeezed a free 200 words out of each order (and then some, considering the content I’ve had to delete and rewrite because of their crazy “tweaks”).

Now they’re trying to get me to rewrite the introduction paragraph that has been in one of the articles since the start. They’re upset that I used the word “shy” to describe introverts…


I’ve also pointed out that their original instructions said one of the benefits I should mention is that learning a new language can help “boost their confidence”…something they want me to remove now.

Monday. :expressionless:


It all depends on how many revisions you offer in your gig. You will have to continue on this way indefinitely if you have unlimited ones. If not, tell they they have reached the limit on them.


Since there might be a language barrier issue here, I’d have some fun with this.

Maybe start with:

Did you know that Ted Bundy cited Spanish classes at community college, as instrumental in helping him overcome crippling social anxiety? Yes, Ted Bundy could speak Spanish. Much more importantly, with the right instruction, so could you! First, though, let’s look at what a Spanish person is. This and what makes Spanish people different linguistically to all other life in the solar system.

Of course, I don’t do this… That often. :slight_smile:


That would certainly be a great intro paragraph, and one that the buyer couldn’t possibly have a problem with.


That’s a great way to knock out some frustration. :joy: They seem to speak perfect English, though. They’re just one of those “never can be pleased” buyers.

I only offer 1 revision and 500 words per order. They are now nearing 900 words on each and we’re into the fourth or fifth revision. It’s the same old story: cancel and get penalized or get a bad review and get penalized. :tired_face:


That’s it… I’ve lost it. LOL


Don’t cancel unless you can’t absorb a possible bad review. I would very professionally tell them what you said here about the extra words and revisions you’ve done for them and let them know that the order is now complete.


I can offer something to try. It may help, but at this point who cares right? I would delay the time you take to respond/revise work. I AM NOT saying blow them off. I see you are a punctual, well spoken person. If you keep revising so quickly and responding to messages so quickly, the buyer will play right off that. If you take your time to review their message, and then contact them at a later time, there is nothing wrong with that.

I have a feeling if their messages get replied to later, and their 18563rd revision is not completed in a nano second, that they may press you less.


At this point, maybe consider advising your client that you will be happy to keep working with them until you nail what they want, but can’t do so FOC. Going 400-words over on each order is a bit of a slap in the face already.


@loganstover This is excellent. You have a very good point. Make them wait for your responses so they tire of their game.


Excellent advice. I agree.


Thank you all for your feedback. I explained to them that the project has outgrown the scope of the original order and I won’t be able to assist them with additional revisions. They said they understood…Looks like they’re skipping the review. :crossed_fingers:


Congratulations on setting a boundary for them. I have found clients are usually understanding when you do this. :+1:


I would agree with that. I think (fortunately) the definition of introversion is changing. A lot of people are starting to recognize that being introverted and being shy are two different things. The google definition here is outdated. Introverts recharge by being alone and extroverts recharge by socializing. But it doesn’t necessarily imply shyness. I would have asked for a revision too.


Would you ask for five revisions, expect me to register for a paid website to get screenshots of the signup process, and keep requesting additions to bring the word count to almost double what you paid for? (I don’t think you would, for the record :slight_smile:)

One revision is fine, but this particular buyer was after more than they paid for.


I would have said that what they are requesting is not part of the gig description.

The idea of introversion is indeed changing. The newer thinking is that people can go back and forth between acting like introverts and extroverts and it’s not something that we should be labeling people with, as people are not one or the other. It’s much more complex, fluid and changeable.