Invasion Of The Buyer Snatchers?


Is it just me or has the week been really bad in terms of buyers gone wild? :confused:


I have noticed a lot more crazier than usual buyers. These include:

Someone asking me to write a letter which will guarantee them to raise $7-$10 million dollars in a month.

A professional copywriter asking me to rewrite his sales copy regarding how he is a professional copywriter. - The original looked like it had been written by a 6-year-old.

Somebody wanting a really amazing video about their business and how they help other businesses realize their potential to be really amazing, - No details, though, on what they actually do.

And the usual people asking me to write SEO content for their business who don’t actually have a business and effectively want me to create it for them.

Oh and then there was some cheeky bar steward who has ordered my basic $5 gig and sent me a dire warning that they have wasted $45 on Fiverr so far and need me to spend at least 2-3 hours researching different sources to write them a biography about someone. The good news is that if I do well and deliver this early, they have lots more work to send my way, Yey!

On the up side, though, I did score a $600 gig outside of Fiverr for a measly 5 articles + accompanying videos. Also, I have been absorbed most days by my now computer game drug of choice, DOOM. In this case, it’s not all bad really.


Oh, and there was a buyer who complained to me because she was having trouble translating the articles I wrote for her through Google Translate into French and Spanish.


It makes the demon possessed buyers I deal with seem like a walk in the park.


Do you actually get possessed people coming to you for help? Or are you being metaphorical?


I really do. It’s not that uncommon. Unfortunately.


Well, I would have ate every holy book in the world before I’d ever have guessed that there were people looking for exorcism services on Fiverr.

Incidentally, though, can you actually provide help for people who are under spiritual attack?

Also, don’t you worry that by even responding to messages from such people, that you might be granting access to whatever is trying to possess them into your own life?


This isn’t the right place to get into the details.


Ha ha yeah the DOOM reboot is awesome! :slight_smile:


I don’t think demons would want to possess me, I’m a pain in the butt, they’d get annoyed and realize I’m not worth the trouble and move on to the next soul worth devouring! :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re not picky.


What about Chuck Yeager’s Flight Simulator? It came free with my parents PC and I played the hell out of it.

Can we please start a Fiverr gaming group? I have some MP trophies I need to boost. Also, I weel keel u, n00b. jk, I think.


Now that’s old school, I used to thrash that on my fathers IBM! Yes that’s how old I am :slight_smile: