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Investing in your gig's resources


Hello guys and girls :slight_smile: Steve here (Stevethebook) Just a quick bit of friendly chat this morning. I was wondering how much have you guys invested in your gigs or have you ever invested in your gig?

I created Fiverr just after Christmas, This was going to be a hobby and in a way it still is but I am stepping up my game with investing in my future on Fiverr, I was offering spokesperson video’s where I was recording on a HD webcam that cost around £50, after getting a string of messages and some orders I decided to take it a bit more serious and I have now invested over £1000 on a professional 4K Camcorder along with a microphone. I am planning even more investments. I understand it is going to take me a while to make this back but my goal is to be a top rated seller on Fiverr.

Just wondering and curious to see what others have invested in there gigs?

Have a good day folks, Steve


Hello Steve,

I also invested on a drawing tablet which cost around $300. I forgot about the exact price since owned it about 2 years ago. Unfortunately, i couldn’t get mysellf used to it, so i decided to keep working with pencil and paper. Currently, i already invested on Rotring mechanical pencil, Derwent shading pencil set, and micro pen set (i couldn’t believe that these 3 items cost nearly to $200).

Actually, those investation are not for gigs. When i found that i could get some nice cash with my hobby, i started to get serious about investing drawing related tools.


Thanks for the reply, have you ever managed to make the funds back? I understand its also a Hobby but im just being curious. Many thanks :slight_smile:


No, i haven’t. I personally never make any calculation on the tools i buy, so i could say that i have recklessly spent hundreds without thinking. But somehow, i just realized that the amount i spent has been recovered. I think if you invest on something which related to what you love to do, you will always get the payback :wink:


I invested in few audio audio and midi gear and upgrades for my main workstation iMac to improve the workflow of my work I think everyone should invest in themselves for improvements.


In a way we all do invest.

But that’s the part of being a freelancer. I didn’t invest directly in my gig because I work with all those tools not only on fiverr (but PS, AI softwares, laptop, iPad, pencil for drawing, my phone, my inks, Nina and oblique pens, papers, watercolours etc, that’s all part of the investment but also part of the cost that’s included in the price of my gig)