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Investment in fiverr

Hi everyone!

I want to invest some money on my gigs to improve there ranking and get more sales.Any legal methods? if yes, please inform me as soon as possible.
Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards
Sohail Habib


You can’t spend money to improve their ranking. It may help to hire a great designer to make you an improved image or video.

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FIVERR already take steps to this,
It’s already in BETA mode,
Some of the sellers got this and they got $10 as a gift.
When the FIVERR team finalizes it.
We all get this type of GIG promotion by investing money :innocent:
( all news got from a local FIVERR group at FB )

I think it will be helpful for new sellers.

it’s not all about new seller.
I think many sellers will use it.
But as a new seller, I think it’s not worth money for us. Because investing is not a solution for us. We have to develop our skill more and more.
And guess what, we should improve our GIG to get the order as well :innocent:

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Thank you for you suggestion :slight_smile: