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As everyone is probably aware it is quite important to invest time and money into your business in order for it to expand.

I thought I would make a post so that everyone can put what they have invested into their business thanks to Fiverr.

For example after the second month of OJ and I on Fiverr we purchased a new HD Canon Camera so that we could do HD Extra’s. This went on to allow us then to invest in a H1 Microphone.

All of these things have paid for themselves. Investment is a useful risk to take!

What have you invested into?


I’m new at Fiverr and want to start a few gigs. Need bit of advice Oranjewebdesign!


Investment is a pretty good idea but not for me at this moment. I use Fiverr withdrawal to make ends meet, basically Fiverr helps keep my kids clothed and fed



I am waiting to withdraw for the first time…And I am going to have a fixed deposit in a bank…


Small interest rates there, not exactly what I was thinking but I guess that is investment.


Great way to feel you’re actually going somewhere. I think the feeling is great when you bought a new camera with the money that you got from here. It’s a really boost in confidence, isn’t it?

I’m yet to withdraw for the first time, and it will go straight into my rent, cause otherwise I’ll be homeless and won’t be able to keep things going here :smiley: I guess you can call that an investment, lol.


That is very important too… Make sure the bills are paid!! Lol


Hello everyone,

I am a brand new member of this forum and not all that technical but when it comes to investments or investing I know quite a bit, I should I am probably three times older than most of you. Anyway when I was a youngster (50’s) an old-timer gave me some advice I never forgot, he said: “Two dead people can’t dance” He meant of course that one person has the money and the other has the hard work and the idea.




I have invested in a couple software tools (for example to speed up my icon creating gigs) and am preparing to get a few more. But I’m scheduling the purchases as the fivers come in…

I’m also investing a lot of time, for example by twittering my gigs, adding the results to my site, uploading my videos to YouTube and so on. I’ve seen some small benefits from this already, where someone saw my movie on YT and ordered my gig, for example.


Yaa… I believe investing is a very good. But don’t invest them Online scam sites. Great investment plan could double your income easily. I haven’t invested any money on Fiverr and I invested my money on buying Domains & Hosting for my blogs.

Also I had to buy few things for my buyers. I had not reluctant to buy, because I know If one want it, there are definitely thousands of wants for the same item. So I bought some items and covered those amounts by selling those items alone.

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You know investing into Domains and Hosting is way underrated! I have seen some random names get bought out for a fortune.

I guess it can be a little down to luck, similar to shares.


Same with scorpiondark I’m investing on websites, right now I’m improving two sites that I currently own. Although they are not self-supporting yet, I think the websites are well on their way to break even and earn a little passive income through AdSense.


I was just having a conversation with a family member yesterday about investments when you are startng up a business. Luckily for us though with FIVERR you don’t really have to invest antyhing from the begiining but as revenue increases you can . A new militayr research site went live this year and so I took some of my earning and signed up for a membership so I could do more research. That was my investment this year


Invested in a 16GB SD card today, lol. Noone seems to want any photography from me though :confused:


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I’m taking this approach too: I’m waiting for revenue to increase to make extra purchases. It’s too tempting to keep spending otherwise.


Reply to @caiterz: Cool, thats a shame maybe you need to improve your marketing. :slight_smile:


Reply to @refugeek: Yeah I hear that! I remember when I started off I made a shopping list!


@oranjewebdesign: Good topic, by the way! I have not made an additional investment yet for the sake of my gigs, but I do use the flip camera often for gigs and the one I have has a terrible battery. I even purchased two new ones on Ebay 2 months and even they stink. I am tempted to buy a new camera similar to the flip. I am not there yet, but I have been thinking about it a lot lately.



Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Yeah I have a list too. so far I’ve ticked off a couple software tools, have still to earn enough for the hardware purchases :wink:


Reply to @refugeek: Yes it is espacially the way we can just click to order someone elses gig and never see that $5 again. Kind of remnds me of the Vegas slot machines. Used to be that the change would claink clank down into the catch and you saw your reward, now everything is automated so you never see your payout and ghamble it away again without missing a beat