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Invitation to participate in a call with Fiverr

Hi all,

I received an invitation form Fiverr to do a one-on-one call with a member of the Fiverr team to learn more about my experience as a Fiverr user. I have checked this with the CS to make sure it is not kind of spam.

Im not sure what to expect or what all of this is about, but I have some points my own which I would like to discuss with them. If you have your own points and you think I should mention in the call, please let me know by leaving a comment below.




Someone else mentioned being asked to participate in one of these about a month ago.

Hopefully this is a sign of Fiverr being willing to not only listen to sellers, but to try and resolve some of the issuers that sellers face. It’s pretty clear if you spend any amount of time on the forums that almost all sellers agree on at least one or two things we’d like to see improved. This all seems very positive!

Good luck with your call!


The :raised_hand: of G-d has touched you.
Embrace this moment

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To be honest, I think Fiverr is conducting these calls to get a real feel of seller problems/experiences without the flurry of lots of people repeating the same things over on places like the forum.

Maybe don’t look to voice other peoples concerns, just voice your own and relate your own experiences. This (I would assume) will make any call more productive for both you and Fiverr.

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I’d love to receive such an invitation … I have many things to say

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Tell them to set the stock price @ $5 that would be a genius move.

But seriously , if I got one of those I would just focus on maybe 2 or 3 pointers let them ask the questions. Make sure you keep the conversation with just those points. If you find your suddenly not on topic any more, they probably have a particular reason they are making these calls… That’s just me

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@nikavoice was the person who got a call from Fiverr about a month ago. :slightly_smiling_face: