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Invite a Client Referral Bonus $$$


You can use refer-a-friend to invite them to Fiverr and get a $5 bonus on their order. To do so, you share a link with them and it opens the Fiverr landing page.
How about you also have the option to instead make it so that it leads the invited person to your profile? Should they choose to sign up from there and order, you get the referral bonus.
A win-win to an already win-win. Would love to hear your thoughts about this.

PS: This is my first every post on Fiverr forums, sorry for any mistake. :slight_smile:


I believe everyone knows it
But thanks for sharing this


No, I mean, everyone knows the ‘Refer a Friend’ feature but what I am suggesting here is ‘Refer a Client’.
Refer a friend currently leads invited person to Fiverr sign up landing page. ‘Refer a client’ would be to directly lead the person to your seller profile and have them signup from there. That way a seller has higher potential of getting an order.


I think it’s an excellent idea! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love to bring new users onto Fiverr straight onto my profile, rather than the home page.


No mistakes.

It’s a good suggestion.:ok_hand:t4:

Welcome to the Community! :tada:


That’s right, but the affiliate dashboard is not complete.
I think.
No number of clicks, leads and conversions


That feature is available through the fiverr referral program. Here you can lead the person to your profile or any specific gig also.