Invite Friend's Amd Earn $5


Hi I’m new in Fiverr
I’ve created an account.In the option there are showing invite your friends and earn $5.
What is this and how it’s work???
Thank you.


Have a look there. :slight_smile:


Umm, I think this program is NO LONGER active.

Do let us know if you manage to successfully refer someone.


lol I don´t see an expiry date in the fine print, but don´t know, I never tried it myself.

Wordpress King, yes, please do let us know if you manage, especially if it´s no longer active.


Well, whenever I clicked on the link, it would always direct me to Fiverr homepage. I think there was talk about this somewhere in the forum. But I guess someone can let us know whether it is at all functional anymore.


Hm, it´s still listed as 1/6 pages under ‘Basic FAQs for Sellers’ on the menu bar on the left, if it doesn´t exist, you got a point of course if it redirects to the homepage even while being logged in already, they should really take it off there.

Basic FAQs for Sellers
Why does Fiverr charge fees when withdrawing revenue to PayPal?
Can I partially cancel an order?
How does the referral program work?
What are Custom Offers?
How can I contact a buyer?
Why is my Gig video still processing?