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Invite friends Problem

Dear Community Members,

I’m Click in Invite Your Friends Button.

But Then I'm Going to my Fiverr Homepage.

                                    Please Anyone Help ?
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Good day to you,
what problem you are facing with invite button?

Good day @topdezigns1 ,

My :arrow_forward: Invite friends :arrow_backward: link not working ?

yes i have seen i guess there is a bug so we need to wait for until this fix by fiverr.

Possibly not available for your country. Read this discussion :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing. My Country is not support for I.

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Our country is not support, friend. :disappointed_relieved:

& I’m happy about it :smiley:

WOW :slight_smile: so we need to wait

Yes.sure @topdezigns1

In case someone wants to know the list at first I didn’t saw country list but then i went top of the page and i saw the list. so there is that. I want to post it here but i don’t know if it’s okay.

i have check in my phone i think we can share and invite your gig profile thru fiverr mobile app :slight_smile:

Yes @topdezigns1 you are right