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Invite Sellers To A Requested Gig


When I request for a gig, it might be awesome if I could find other people based on their gigs and there’s a button to invite that person to work on your requested gig?


Hmmmm… you mean a Buyer can “invite people to bid”?


Not necessarily. Just like telling them, “Hey, I want this to be done. Based on your skills I think you can do this. Can you do this for me?” Something in-line that thought.


I like this idea =D>


:-B brilliant idea :slight_smile:

maybe the requester/buyer will receive message through fiverr system and give a list of seller that are related to his requested gig. :D/


this would be great. Also a button like " Offer a custom job to this person" This would be even better :slight_smile:


Reply to @sk8tavou: due to the nature of my gig, this type of button would scare the beejeebers out of me


because they limit the amount of messages you can send out in an hour

And its a pain in the arse to message a ton of people that way

EX: I currently need videos on peoples cars, their make model likes and dislikes. There are thousands that i will eventually need.

A feature like mentioned above would make my search a lot easier....

I was thinking that if a seller enabled a messagingg system based on tags that would be a perfect setup