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Invited Friend & earnd 5$

i have invited to friend and he made his 1st order and i have got 5$ , it appear in balance, but it can not withdraw , can somebody tell me how to withdraw that 5$

I believe that $5 is shopping credit, not actual cash, so you can’t withdraw it. You can only use it to purchase services on the site.

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sure? pleas can you find the way of getting it? much appreciate

None of us can make your funds or credits clear. We have no control over your account. @ahmwritingco gave you a good answer. If it is a credit, then you cannot withdraw it as cash. If it is a revenue credit, then you would have to wait for it. Either way, it is not instant free money. That’s not how the referral system works.


It’s Fiverr credits, so you can’t withdrawal it. Honestly, if you don’t read the TOS why are you shocked at things like this?